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Change campaign time settings, sending limit, tracking, type and more.

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You can always change Campaign settings:

  • Log into your Autoklose account.

  • Click on the Campaigns button on the left.

  • Choose the campaign that you want to update by clicking on it.

  • On the Campaign page, click on the “Pause campaign” button.

  • Click on the “Edit campaign” button

  • Click the "Edit" button in the Campaign Info section

  • After you finish editing, click on the “Update” button in the upper-right corner.

  • To resume your campaign, click on the “Resume campaign” button and confirm the action in the pop-up box, and your campaign is going to continue regularly.

All campaign settings can be changed:

  • Campaign name - the name of the campaign will be updated

  • Starting date - if set to a future date, the campaign will switch to Pending state and will again start sending on the given time and date.

  • Daily email limit - by default, this is set to value from Email settings and will be automatically updated if the email settings value is edited. Of course, it is possible to set this number to a custom number, with a note that it can not be higher than the number you have as a value in the sending speed settings.

  • Enrollments - the maximum number of recipients queued for the initial emails that can be sent out within 24 hours. Find out more about this option in our knowledge base.

  • Sending schedules - enable the option to use pre-defined sending schedules. In case this option is turned off edit campaign settings for timezone, sending hours and days separately. Learn more about this feature in the article.

  • Timezone - by default, this is set to value from the Account settings, but each

    campaign can have a different timezone selected. Sending time will be adjusted automatically per this setting.

  • Sending days - If there are any scheduled recipients, the system will send only on these days.

  • Sending hours - Sending will start when this time is reached and will not send beyond that time.

  • From Email - The email account used to send campaign can be changed. Please note that change can potentially create issues with reply recognition if there are any delayed responses from recipients to the old From address (reply received after From Address change). It is recommended to use the connection as long as the campaign is active to prevent any data loss. Find out more in this article.

  • CC and BCC - Email addresses can be added or removed from here for the given campaign.

  • Unengaged Contacts - choose where to use or avoid contacts without activity and engagements in previous campaigns. Find out more about this here.

  • Automate Actions - Campaign conditions and actions can be changed and more added. It is important to know that such action is not recommended once campaigns start sending out emails, as it can produce some unexpected issues and not behave as designed. Learn more about this feature here.

  • Statistic tracking - open, click, reply and attachment tracking can be disabled/enabled even when the campaign already started. Disabling Reply tracking can have a huge impact on some of the major functionalities (bounce, positive, negative, and unsubscribe reply detection, Automate Actions etc).

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

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