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Change the From Email Address While the Campaign Is in Progress
Change the From Email Address While the Campaign Is in Progress
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Like most campaign settings, changing the From Email for the campaign and the account from which emails will be sent out is possible.
To do so:

  • Navigate to the Campaigns section.

  • Click on the desired campaign name to open the individual campaign page.

  • Click on the "Edit" button

  • Click the "Edit" button on the top, in the Campaign Info section. This opens up Step 1 where all campaign settings are listed.

  • Under "From Email" select the preferred account.

  • Finish up editing by clicking on the "Update" button at the top right.

Note: from the moment the "Update" button is clicked, Autoklose will no longer send emails nor read replies from the "old" account. This is especially important for reply recognition since Autoklose will only look for replies in the Inbox of the "new" account.

This can mean some replies sent to the "old" From Email address will not be recognized automatically. Luckily, there is an option to work around this and set the status of such replies manually. To do so, go to the individual campaign Recipients page, select desired contact/s and use the "Set Status" option.

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