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In case a lot of emails are being sent, and many recipients do not engage with them for a long time, email delivery can be affected. Email providers can conclude that the person you are trying to reach does not know you or is not interested in your emails. In some cases, emails can end up in the spam. To help with this issue and improve email deliverability, we've introduced the option to set Unengaged status to your contacts in case they do not engage with your email after some consecutive emails.

Contact is considered unengaged in case there is no click or reply activity in the last X emails the user has sent them. Not interested, Out of Office, Autoresponses, and of course, Bounces and Unsubscribe replies, as well as email opens, are not counted as engagements.

The feature can be configured on the main Settings page under the Unengaged tab. The option is available only for team managers and will affect the whole team. By default, the value is set to 10 emails, but it can be adjusted depending on user preference. Once ready, save changes, and from that moment, our system will monitor contact activity (or inactivity in this case), and after the contact gets a set number of emails and there are no engagements, it will be considered Unengaged. The status is changed to Engaged once the contact clicks on a link from an email or replies to it.

Of course, this feature wouldn't be that useful if there is no way to easily filter and view such contacts. Filter in the Contacts section and the Existing contacts import option for the campaign now include the Unengaged filter field.

Filter is quite simple and contains an option to select only:

  • All Contacts - in case none is selected this is considered a default.

  • Engaged - contacts that provided a positive response or clicked a link from an email.

  • Unengaged - contacts without engagements in the set number of emails.

  • Non-Emailed - all contacts that were not emailed at all.

When creating a campaign, there is an additional option to exclude, or not send emails to Unengaged contacts. In Step 1 of campaign creation, enable the option for Unengaged contacts as seen in the screenshot:

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If you have any questions, feel free to initiate a live chat.

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