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Filters can be used to narrow down the search and easily manage your contact database.

Chosen filters can be saved and re-used at a later time.

Once done with setup and selection of filters, click the "Save Filters" button.

Saved filters can be used in the future to ease up contact management.

Click on the "Add Filter" button and choose one or a combination of the following filters:

  • Added by - will filter contacts by the uploader, or a person from the team that added contacts to the shared database

  • Status - the option to show or not show Active or "Do not email" contacts. Do not Email contacts can be filtered even more using the Reason field (Bounced / Unsubscribed)

  • Unengaged - show contacts with or without any engagements (positive or neutral reply or click to an email link). Additional filter contacts that were not emailed yet.

  • Active in - this will filter only contacts that are used in specific campaign/s. It is possible to select more than one if necessary.

  • Activity type - this works best in combination with the "Active in" filter to show contacts that have had some activity in the campaign/s (open, click, reply, sent, nothing sent, no opens). Additionally, there is an option to change the logic and for example, show contacts that do not have any emails sent to them. Simply click on a filter element "is" and change it to "is not".

  • Contact sources - there are different ways in which contacts can be uploaded to Autoklose, and this filter allows you to view only the contacts uploaded in a specific way. API source can be additionally filtered depending on the API source or used integration.

  • Tags - one of the best and most used ways to filter out contacts. What's great about this filter is that you will be able to filter out contacts that are tagged by team member tags too (no ownership limitation like in the Apply tag option).
    It is possible to exclude contacts with certain tag/s using the "do not contain" option.

  • City, State, Country, Organization, and Job Title - works similarly to Tags with the difference that the filter will catch all contacts that contain keywords (if filtering for "president", "vice president" -s will be presented too). The exclude option is there to help with those marginal cases. More about Exclude filters in this article.

  • Date Range - filter contacts by date of creation, and the upload date to Autoklose. All contacts added between two dates will be shown. The date of creation does not change in case there is a re-upload or contact edit.

  • Validated - the option to filter contacts by the date of the last validation.

  • Points - Filter contacts by the number of Points with an option to show contacts that have exactly the number of defined points (Equals), more or less than that number ( More Than, Less Than), as well as contacts in Between 2 values.

  • Last Contacted - date range option that filters out contacts depending on the date of the last received email.

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