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Getting started #6 - Import contacts via the CSV file
Getting started #6 - Import contacts via the CSV file

Upload contacts using the CSV file

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Importing contacts using .csv lists is the easiest way to upload leads to campaigns or the Autoklose Contact section. In case you are not sure what exactly is the CSV file, please find out more in this article.

A list from your own database and CRM exports can be uploaded to Autoklose in a couple of simple steps:

  • Login to Autoklose.

  • Navigate to the Contacts section.

  • Click the "Add via CSV" button.

  • Choose a CSV file from your computer.

  • On the "Map CSV Table" screen, map fields from the file (on the left side) to predefined or custom fields.

    The Email field is required, and all others are optional.

    From this page it is possible to apply existing Tags, the list can be validated, and also, the whole list uploaded to the Do Not Email list (DNM).

  • In case there is a need to add information from the file for which there is no custom field inside Autoklose, there is an option to Create New field on the spot, directly from the upload screen.

  • When ready click the "Add Contacts" button and the upload process will start.

  • At the end of the process, the result page will appear, containing information on how many contacts were successfully uploaded, or if there were some new imports or old contacts that were updated. If there are any duplicates or invalid rows (incomplete or incorrect email addresses,) such contacts will not be uploaded.

  • After Acknowledging the results, it will be possible to download all contacts that are for some reason considered invalid and not uploaded. Download the file and check the contacts listed in it. The Reason column will give an insight into why contacts were not uploaded.

Tags can be imported via CSV files. Once on the Mapping screen, map the field from the file for which you wish a tag created and applied, and map it to the Autoklose field "Tags"

Tags will be created and applied.

A contact list can be Validated directly on upload. To do so, just check the "Validate Uploaded Contacts" option at the top. This feature will work only for paying users that have Credit Card information inserted.

The option "Add contacts to Do not email list" will upload all contacts from the file, and move them to the Autoklose specific Do not email (DNM) database. Contacts marked as DNM will not be reached out to from any existing or future Autoklose campaign.

"Update existing contacts info for all the existing campaigns" - when this option is enabled, all contacts that already exist in your team database will be updated with mapped information, and those changes will be pushed to all active campaigns.
Please note that change of email address for a specific contact is not possible via CSV upload. For such a purpose, we recommend using the Single contact page, as described in this article.

Not all fields need to be uploaded to Autoklose. Of course, the Email field is a must, all others are optional and used for better personalization of campaigns. If there are any fields from the file you do not want to use and import to Autoklose, on the mapping screen on the right-hand side select Nothing selected, and the information from that column will be ignored.

The upload limit for .CSV files is 15MB or around 150 000 contacts.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Happy klosing! :)

Your team!

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