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What should the CSV format be?
What should the CSV format be?

When uploading contacts through CSV for campaign, what should the file format be?

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 Only thing really required for your .CSV file to contain is email addresses.
That is the minimum that you need when you are uploading your .csv file.
Autoklose also has the option for mapping additional columns: First Name, Last Name, Organization, Job Title, Industry,  Phone etc., if required and included. 

Those columns are called header and it should be the first row of your .CSV file otherwise the first row will be lost and the system will not recognize the columns you are trying to upload, therefore you won't be able to use those information as Tokens while creating your email content. 

You can also map all fields but only use one. The column order in .CSV does not matter, only thing that matters is to map those columns properly to one of predefined Autoklose Tokens in order to use them.

There should not be any special characters (eg. Ö, ã, č,..) or such. 

In case that you don't have additional information for all contacts, for example, you don't know First Name of particular contact, you can leave it blank and Autoklose system will use default value for your email in that case, and you can set that default value here .

Make sure that you don't have too many blank columns- the system will show error message when you try to upload .CSV file with too many blank columns. 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat. 

Happy klosing! :)

Your team!

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