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Create, Apply, or Remove Autoklose Tags
Create, Apply, or Remove Autoklose Tags

How to manage Autoklose Tags (Create, Apply, Remove), Mass tag upload (CSV upload)

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Tags are a great way to segment and label your contact list for simple and efficient organization.

Based on the information you have on your contacts, you will know exactly how to approach them in your campaigns. 

Before you start creating your tags, make sure to read this article and familiarize yourself with the tags feature. 

Create and Apply a Tag

Create and Apply a Tag – From the Tags tab

To create a new, predefined tag that you can apply to contacts later, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Tags tab

  2. Click on Add tag

  3. Enter Tag name - You can use both upper-case and lower-case letters and your tag can have up to 100 characters, both letters and numbers

  4. Choose the Tag color - You can choose between 16 predefined colors, and the same color can be assigned to multiple tags

  5. Click on Add

The new tag will be shown in the list.

*** NEW*** Create and Apply a Tag through .CSV upload:

If your contacts already have some tags you can import them through CSV file upload.

  1. Prepare your CSV file:

  • The CSV file should contain a Tag(s) column, upper T letter is required because it’s case sensitive.

  • Make sure to have only tag names in the column, if you have multiple tags for contacts those should be separated with commas.

2. Go to the Contacts screen

3. Click on Add via CSV button

4. Map all the fields and make sure to map the Tags column with the appropriate (Tags) field in Autoklose

5. Click on Add contacts

6. Tags are going to be uploaded with your contacts - by default, tags added this way have a green color assigned to them- you can change that after the upload and choose between 16 predefined colors, and the same color can be assigned to multiple tags.

7. If you have duplicate tags those are going to be synced. Only new, unique tags will be created and applied.

Create and Apply a Tag – From the Contacts tab: Existing contacts

To create a new (or apply a predefined tag) to the existing contacts, follow these steps

1. Go to the Contacts section
2. Select a desired contact(s)
3. The Apply tag option will appear

4. You can choose to apply one of the already created tags

Or you can create a new one>

5. Click on Apply Tag(s)

Please note that if you have selected all your contacts, the tag will be applied to all of them - bulk-adding the tag. 

Create and Apply a Tag – From the Contacts tab: New contacts upload

1. Go to the Contacts section
2. Click on Add contacts

3. You can add contacts manually or by .CSV upload
4. In this step you can only apply predefined tags meaning that you can’t create a new one.

5. Click on Add contact/ Confirm and upload

Please note that applying tag(s) to .CSV upload will result in bulk-applying of the tag(s).

Create and Apply a Tag – From the Campaign section

1. Go to Create campaign
2. The Tag feature will be available during the second step (Choose recipients) of

creating a sequence
3. If you’re uploading contacts manually or by a .CSV file, you will be able to only apply

predefined tags to contacts
4. Once your contacts are imported, you can select desired contact(s) and the Apply tag

option will appear so that you can create a new tag 

5. Click on Apply Tag/s

Create and Apply a Tag – From the Campaign recipients section

1. Go to a desired campaign
2. Navigate to the Recipients section
3. Select desired recipients and the Apply/Remove Tag feature will appear

4. You can apply one of the predefined tags or create a new one
5. Click on Apply Tag(s)

Remove tags from contacts

Every applied tag can be easily removed. 

Delete tags - from the Tag section

1. Go to the Tag tab.
2. Using the checkbox on the left side select one or multiple tags.
3. Click on the remove tags button and confirm.

Please note that deleting a tag from the Tag tab will lead to permanently deleting the selected tag and it will automatically remove it from all the contacts to which it has been applied. If you need to remove a tag from a certain contact(s) but leave the tag intact, follow the instructions on how to remove tags from the Contacts section.

Remove tags from contacts - from the Contacts/ Campaign/ Recipient section

Navigate your way to the Contacts/ Campaign/ Recipient tab:

1. Select a desired contact(s)
2. For a single contact removal - Each tag will have the X option next to it, so it is possible to remove each tag from the specific contact, or click on the list of tags for that contact and remove a desired tag.

3. For bulk removal - Select desired contacts and click on the Remove tags option, we’ll display the tags assigned to those contacts, and you can choose multiple tags to remove

4. Click the tag(s) you want to remove.

That’s it. You’ll receive a message with the updated information.

Don't know how Tags should look like?

Take a look at this document maybe you'll get some ideas for your own tags.

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Your team!

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