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Getting Started With Autoklose Tags
Getting Started With Autoklose Tags

Autoklose Tags / Labels, Getting Started Tags

Written by Bergen Wilde
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Things to Know About Tags

Tagging feature allows you to add labels to your contacts by associating tags with them. 

In other words, a Tag is a label that you can apply to your contacts for the purposes of identification, better organization, and categorization of contacts, and for improving the efficiency of your sales and marketing process by tracking progress for each contact. 

How to Use Tags

Tags can be customized as much as you want based on information you have for each contact, and will be shared between all team members. You can highlight each tag in a different color, or create a different coloring scheme for the Manager and Team Member accounts for easier use of the created tags. For example, you can apply a tag called “Klosed” to those who are already your customers or tag a list of contacts you want to associate with a specific campaign. That way you can better target your contacts with the insight from the tag.

Create and Apply Tags

You can create and apply tags in a few different ways and in a few different areas inside Autoklose depending on the number of contacts you’re working with and what you are trying to achieve. You can create tags from the Tags tab

  • You can create tags as you’re creating a campaign, from the second step of “Choose recipients“. This is especially useful if you’re using our Data Unlimited feature - you can create and apply tags as you’re importing contacts from our database

  • You can create and apply tags to the existing contacts from the Contacts tab. 

  • You can apply predefined tags while manually adding contacts or to subsets of contacts as they’re being imported from a .CSV file - this is so-called bulk tagging. 

  • You can apply tags manually to a contact record by editing that specific contact. 

  • If your .CSV file contains Tags you can upload multiple tags through CSV upload, by mapping the column to tags.  

View or Filter by Tags

You can view a complete list of tags that you and your team members created and the number of contacts each tag is applied to inside the Tags tab.

In the Contacts tab, in the column - Tags you can see all the tags you applied to each contact

If you have more tags applied to a specific contact, you can see the list in a pop-up window that will open when you click on +more

Once you’ve added tags to contacts, you will be able to choose one or more tags in order to list only the contacts tagged with the selected tags. 

Once the tag(s) is chosen and the Filter is applied, only the contacts containing the selected tag(s) will be presented in the list.

You can remove the selected tag from your filter by selecting it from the filter dropdown, or click the X button next to the Tag filter if you want to remove the entire filter.

If you want to filter contacts that do not contain tags you can use the "Do not contain" tag filter and by selecting all available tags you will exclude the contacts with assigned tags. 

You can also use a tag filter inside a specific campaign:

  1. In the Recipients section 

  2. During the second step while creating a campaign 

Manage Tags

Although you can create and apply/remove tags in different ways in Autoklose, the Tags tab allows you to manage all your team’s tags in one place. You can create or delete tags, edit each tag as you see fit, and highlight your tags with one out of 16 colors from our color palette.

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