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Autoklose integration with Pipedrive
Autoklose integration with Pipedrive

Is there a way to integrate Pipedrive and Autoklose? How to integrate Autoklose with Pipedrive?

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Pipedrive integration lets you import, synchronize and use contacts from your Pipedrive account directly inside Autoklose and your email campaigns.

Connect Pipedrive account with Autoklose:

  1. Log in to the Autoklose account.

  2. Navigate to the Integrations page.

  3. Click on the Pipedrive tab, and hit Connect Account.

  4. Enter login credentials for your Pipedrive account. In case you are already logged in to Pipedrive, this step will be skipped.

  5. Review permissions necessary for the integration, and when ready click on the Allow and Install button.

Initial setup and field mapping:

Once the Pipedrive account is connected, at first, only fields that exist both inside Autoklose and Pipedrive will be visible and pre-mapped. Each field synchronization can be set to One Way From Autoklose and From Pipedrive or Two Way Sync.
The Email field is mandatory inside Autoklose and is by default set to From Autoklose type of sync.
Organization field syncronization is by default set to From Pipedrive type of sync.

All fields except for the Email, can be deleted if necessary using the button on the right side.
Please note that only Pipedrive persons can be synced inside Autoklose.
Lets' explain the types of synchronization:

  • From AK means that field info for the contact will be synced one way, from Autoklose to Pipedrive. Field changes inside Autoklose will be pushed to Pipedrive, while any changes on the field inside Pipedrive will not be synced inside Autoklose.

  • From Pipedrive sync does the opposite. Contact info is synced from Pipedrive into Autoklose.

  • Two Way is syncing the latest field updates, regardless from which platform they are coming. For example, Person title in Pipedrive is changed. After syncing, that information will be updated inside Autoklose, but if we find out that the Title is not correct and change it in Autoklose, that information will be pushed back to Pipedrive. Basically, the newest information will always be saved after synchronization.

In case there is a need to sync custom contact information, click on the Add Mapping Field button below. While mapping, keep in mind that the first column represents Pipedrive person fields, while the second one shows Autoklose contact default or custom fields.

If you wish to learn how to create a custom contact field inside Autoklose please check this article.

To create a custom field inside Pipedrive, please follow the instructions from the Pipedrive knowledge base.

The option below allows you to Sync Users between Pipedrive and Autoklose. You can either sync all contacts or select one of your Pipedrive filters and sync the filtered ones. Whatever you choose, you can apply Autoklose tags to those synced users.

In case you want contacts synced periodically enable the "Sync automatically" option. Synchronization will be performed every 6 hours.

In case Pipedrive integration is active, it is possible to automate some processes directly from the campaign setup stage.
In Step 1 of campaign creation, Automated actions now have more actions that are related to the Pipedrive integration.

Action "Add/Sync Contact to Pipedrive" - if contact doesn't already exist inside Pipedrive, it will be added as a Person, and synced if it is already inside the Pipedrive account.

Action "Record Activity in Pipedrive" - in case the condition is met, that activity will be saved in the Pipedrive Person Activity log.

The same actions are available in the Decision tree campaign too. This type of campaign can be enabled in Campaign Step 4. Read more about the Decision tree campaign in this article.

If at any point, you wish to stop using the integration or change the connected Pipedrive account, simply click on the Disconnect button in the Pipedrive integration tab.

Please note that all the automatic actions, inside Autoklose campaigns, and related to the Pipedrive will be removed.

The Autoklose app can be uninstalled from the Pipedrive marketplace page too.

To do this:

  1. Log in to your Pipedrive account, click the initials at the top right and choose "Tools and Integrations".

  2. Under "Integrations" choose "Marketplace apps".

  3. Find Autoklose on the list and hit 3 dots on the right and choose "Uninstall."

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Your team!

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