Contact fields are a great way to enrich your messages and achieve the next level of email personalization.
To access the option to add more or manage existing fields click here or follow these steps:

  • Log into Autoklose with your account

  • Click on Your Name at the top right-hand corner and click on Settings

  • Click on the Contact Field tab

The Add field button will open a small window where a new custom field can be created. Just type in the name of the field. In the "Field type" choose whether it is a text or a number field. In the number type fields, only numbers can be added, and a default/fallback value can only be a number. A Default value or placeholder (fallback) is optional. That is the value that will be shown if the contact doesn't have any information for that field.

All fields, except for Email can be edited. Mouse over the desired field and click on the "Edit" button on the right side. For default fields, only placeholders can be changed and they can be moved to the inactive state. In addition to this, custom-made fields can be deleted too.

The order of all fields can be changed using the drag-and-drop option. Hover over 6 dots on the left side of the field name (mouse pointer should change shape), left-click and hold, and move the mouse up or down. Once you're happy with the field position release left-click.
The order of the fields from this page will somewhat be reflected in column positions in the Contact section.

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Happy klosing! :)

Your team!

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