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How to create integration between Autoklose and Repfabric CRM?

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Repfabric - CRM designed by Reps for Reps.

In order to enable the Autoklose & Repfabric integration, you have to have both accounts.

Then follow the steps:

  • Log into Repfabric.

  • Click on the hamburger menu.

  • Navigate to Settings and CRM sync and then choose Autoklose

  • Add your Autoklose API key inside Repfabric - Go to the Autoklose Integrations page, generate and copy token from the API key tab. Paste it back in Repfabric.

To start uploading contacts from Repfabric to Autoklose, a couple of steps have to be followed:

First, create a campaign in Autoklose, and when in the recipient's section (Step 2 of campaign creation) go back to Repfabric, click on Contacts, and then the Export button. Use the filter to choose contacts to transfer and click on the Send to Autoklose button. Contacts will appear in the campaign recipients.

If "CRM sync" option is not showing, please reach out to the admin of Repfarbic account to provide the required permission.

Finish up creating the Autoklose campaign and start it.

If you are a registered Repfabric user and wish to know more about this integration, please watch this video from John the Repfabric CEO.

Happy Klosing! :)

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