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Autoklose gives a possibility to connect your account to other apps and platforms.

All applications that can be connected directly are listed on the Integrations page.

API key - this is required for most integrations. Some applications will require an Autoklose API key, and this tab will give the way to generate or revoke the key.
If the API key is revoked, ALL applications connected using it will be disconnected.

Zapier - this button allows end-users to integrate the web applications they use and is a great way to connect Autoklose with other platforms with which we do not have direct integration. Autoklose and Zapier work together using Zaps. Find out more about Zapier and how it can be used to improve the Autoklose experience in this article.

Salesforce - Integration represents two-way communication between Autoklose and Salesforce and enables synchronization of Contacts and Leads. For more information check out our knowledge base.

Pipedrive - integration enables two-way synchronization of contacts between Autoklose and Pipedrive with action to add/update contacts once campaign condition is met or to record contact activity to Pipedrive. Find out more about this great integration.

Salesflare - is a simple CRM, and this integration enables the use of contacts from Salesflare within Autoklose and pushes changes the other way round. Integration is quite simple and requires an API from Salesflare. Once active, it will push all desired contacts to Autoklose. Find more about this integration in the following article.

Calendly - a simple and useful integration. The connection is established once a Calendly API is added to Autoklose. Once active, it will remove all recipients that book a time slot through Calendly from the campaign/s. This integration works with a Calendly premium account.

Repfabric - another CRM integration that pushes contacts from Repfabric to Autoklose. Prospects from Repfabric are uploaded directly to the Autoklose campaign. More information about this integration and how it can be used with Autoklose can be found inside this article.

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