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Autoklose vs. Reply: Why Data Is the Most Important Asset and What Autoklose Has to Do With It
Autoklose vs. Reply: Why Data Is the Most Important Asset and What Autoklose Has to Do With It

DIfference between Autoklose and

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One of Autoklose’s main features is providing you with both the means for email outreach as well as a wealth of B2B contact information.

Should you pick Autoklose or Reply as your sales outreach and engagement platform?

Let’s discuss it.

What Should You Know About Autoklose vs. Reply?

OK, sales intelligence is one of Autoklose’s big aces in the hole, but it’s not the only one.

When it comes to similarities between Autoklose and Reply, there are many of them. Both platforms are used for sales outreach and engagement, and both work well, but Autoklose offers native data too, which sets it apart from Reply, and other competitors.

So what it is that makes Autoklose so different from every competitor, including Reply?

  • Autoklose’s Auto Unsubscribe option ensures that not only those who opt out themselves are removed from your campaigns and moved to the Do Not Email list, but also those who verbally express that they don’t want you to send them emails. Our AI algorithm is capable of understanding the context and acting accordingly.

  • As I already mentioned, a growing pool of 150 million B2B contacts will be at your disposal with our DataUnlimited featured. That way your prospecting and lead generation efforts will be significantly facilitated.

  • Autoklose includes Sentiments™, a feature with which you’ll be able to identify how engaged every particular recipient is as well as filter and organize them based on that. In other words, this feature offers tracks your replies and helps you to understand what your next step should be.

  • Autoklose boasts a number of automations that will save your time – our users can save up to 5 hours per week per salesperson. For example, our Lead Qualification System will tell you whether a lead is cold, lukewarm, or hot, and make it easier for you to grab a sales opportunity the moment it shows up.

  • Autoklose’s Live Dashboard provides valuable insights into how well your and your team’s campaigns are performing in real-time. You can also pause and tweak them.

  • Reply allows you to add calls and social tasks in between your emails. This is what makes Reply a multichannel marketing tool.

  • Reply has a Chrome extension for prospecting. It’s compatible with Google and capable of extracting contact data information and sending it to an email sequence in Reply. Another cool perk of this feature is its LinkedIn data extraction, as well as both email and phone search.

Why Many Relevant Sources List Autoklose as a Leading Sales Email Outreach and Engagement Platform?

We’re always listening to what our users demand and following the latest industry trends in order to develop Autoklose further.

That’s why we release a major upgrade a couple of times a year and improve our existing features all the time.

Here are the main reasons why we beat our competitors on a number of review platforms based on our users’ reviews.

1. Streamlined Prospecting and Lead Generation

Lead generation is the top challenge of every sales rep out there.

That’s why Autoklose built a huge database packed with 150 million B2B leads from different industries. These leads are from the U.S., and you can access them through our DataUnlimited Plan.

But, what’s more important, these leads can be easily filtered, meaning that you won’t scroll through thousands of them in search of the ones that you need. We implemented powerful filters meaning that you can set your parameters and within seconds, fresh leads can be added to your campaign.

You can perform your search based on their location, title, job level, company size, company name, industry, etc.

2. Organize Your Prospects With a Powerful Tagging Feature

Having a lot of prospects is cool, but it works only if you can organize them properly.

Our Tagging feature allows you to do this by applying keywords and labels to them. This way both you and your team will be able to categorize, find, access your prospects. In a nutshell, you can add a number of prospects to a new campaign within seconds (and without browsing) by selecting a certain tag.

Tags in a way centralize prospect management and allow managers to control and organize them within the Autoklose Dashboard.

Efficiency plays an important role for every sales rep, and this feature additionally boosts your efforts and helps you speed up your tasks.

3. Build Your Campaigns Effortlessly

Although creating email campaigns doesn’t seem to be a complex task, there are different challenges that you need to overcome if you want your prospects to actually open, read, and click through your email messages.

First of all, not everybody is a copywriter, which means that you might end up staring at the blank Word document without a clue about how to start. That’s were our templates come in handy. You can either use them as inspiration, or simply personalize, customize, and send them to your prospects.

As personalized video can be much more powerful and convincing than text, you should think about including it in your campaigns. With our Vidyard integration, this is easier than ever – you can record a video of yourself (or your screen) directly from Autoklose Email Editor and add it to your campaign. No switching back and forth between browser tabs and tools.

Finally, if you’re unsure whether your emails contain spam, Autoklose Template Analyzer is here to highlight all the words that might trigger spam filters and urge you to replace them. Besides, you’ll be shown different tips for improving your campaign and making sure that your prospects will open and respond to your messages.

Once your campaign is sent, Autoklose will monitor and analyze your prospects’ behavior and take predefined actions when it’s suitable. That way you won’t waste your time or miss a potential opportunity.

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Your team!

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