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Autoklose vs. Hubspot: Which One to Pick?
Autoklose vs. Hubspot: Which One to Pick?

Difference between Autoklose and Hubspot.

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When you’re running a business, there’s a number of tools and platforms that can make things easier and streamline different processes.

The complexity of sales means that you need to have a plan and carefully monitor your sales team’s prospecting, outreach, engagement, and closing efforts.

Only a detailed insight into all your sales activities will allow you to make informed decisions and eliminate educated guesswork.

Long story short, both Autoklose and Hubspot should have their place in your sales tools arsenal because although their goal is helping you keep track of your sales funnel and close more deals, they cover different aspects of the sales process.


Autoklose vs. Hubspot

  • Autoklose - sales outreach and engagement automation platform / Hubspot - customer relationship management system

  • Both Autoklose and Hubspot have somewhat similar Sales Productivity and Tracking tools, as the main difference is that Hubspot doesn’t offer the BCC copy to CRMs option as well as bounces detection and clutter prevention

  • Autoklose features a huge database with millions of verified B2B leads

  • For Contact Management, the difference is that unlike Hubspot, Autoklose offers Campaign lead scoring and the Do not email contacts/domains features

  • The biggest difference between Autoklose and Hubspot can be observed in Email Campaign Management, Reports, and Pricing

Autoklose vs. Hubspot Sequence: A Comparison

First of all, it’s crucial to establish that these two platforms do not serve the same purpose, and it’s best to think of these two as complementary platforms. Also we at Autoklose love HubSpot they are a great company and have a great product. There you go we said it.

While Autoklose specializes in sales outreach and engagement automation, Hubspot is mainly a customer relationship management (CRM) system. These two do overlap to a small extent meaning that Autoklose has some CRM features, and Hubspot has some sales email automation features.

In order to see how Autoklose and Hubspot stack up against each other, it’s best to compare them based on different parameters.

Sales Productivity Tools and Tracking

This basically means that Autoklose will help you by automating your sales prospecting, outreach, and engagement efforts, thus allowing you to save about 5 hours per sales rep per week.

When it comes to sales productivity tools and tracking, Autoklose boasts the following:

  • Native integration with Google and Microsoft

  • Unlimited email tracking

  • Saving and reusing email templates

  • Send later and Email Scheduling

  • BCC copy to CRMs

  • Bounces detection and clutter prevention

  • Deduplication.

As for Hubspot, it doesn’t offer the BCC copy to CRMs option as well as bounces detection and clutter prevention.

Finally, Autoklose comes with an abundance of email templates that you can customize and reuse, some of which are organized into sequences for different business situations.

Contact Management

When it comes to Autoklose, here are some of the most important contact management functionalities that you can take advantage of:

  • Importing contacts from .CSV files

  • Storing unlimited contacts

  • Tagging and labeling

  • Applying filters

  • Campaign lead scoring

  • Do not email contacts and domains.

Hubspot doesn’t provide Campaign lead scoring and the Do not email contacts/domains features.

This means that with Autoklose, you will be able to easily identify who your hottest and most engaged leads are so that you can seize the opportunity before it gets cold and vanishes.

As for the Do not email contacts/domains, this feature will automatically mark unsubscribes and bounces, thus preventing you from accidentally sending them unsolicited messages.

Main Differences

In the previous two categories, there weren’t too many differences between these two platforms.

But when we’re talking about Email Campaign Management and Reports, it’s obvious that Autoklose dominates email outreach.

To sum up, the only similarity within the Email Campaign Management category lies in the fact that both platforms allow adding attachments and multimedia, as well as that daily sending limit is 500 emails per account.

However, bear in mind that you can create multiple accounts within Autoklose.

Finally, since one of Autoklose’s main purposes is sales prospecting, it comes with a database brimming with millions of clean and verified B2B leads from different industries, and you can tap into it in order to keep your sales funnel full.


Here’s another huge difference between Autoklose and Hubspot - the price for the Pro/Team version.

It boils down to the following:

  • Autoklose offers a 14-day free trial while Hubspot doesn’t

  • Autoklose charges a 5-user annual subscription package $1,500 and Hubspot bills its 5-user Pro plan $5,300 annually.

The math is clear - Autoklose comes with a number of useful features for sales email outreach at a more than 3 times lower price.

All in all, both Autoklose and HubSpot help a salesperson to save time and better manage their pipeline. Autoklose sits at the very top of the funnel with prospecting tools, whilst HubSpot helps to manage relationships thoroughly.

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