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A recipient replied but Autoklose didn't recognize the reply
A recipient replied but Autoklose didn't recognize the reply

Why can't I find the reply inside Autoklose? Recipient replied but Autoklose continued to send follow ups.

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If you see a recipient's reply in your email provider's inbox but aren't seeing it in Autoklose there's a chance you’ve checked too quickly! :)

There can be a 5-20 minute delay between when an email arrives in your inbox and when Autoklose recognizes that as a reply.

If you're still can’t see the reply, here are a few other possibilities:

  • Can you find the reply in your email inbox? If it was deleted from there (either manually or via an automated filter), Autoklose won't be able to see it.

  • Do you have some type of email forwarder or an email tagging system that moves emails to specific folders? The same rule applies in this type of situation - Autoklose can only read through your inbox folder. We do not have permission for any other sub-folder within your email inbox. 

  • Instead of actually hitting the reply button, maybe the recipient sent you an email under a different subject? This may make it difficult for Autoklose to locate and recognize it as a reply.

  • Did you receive an email from the same email address that you have sent an email to? If the recipient replies from a different email address than the one you used to send the email to, the references check will be removed so the system has no way to actually link the email to your campaign recipient.

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