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Autoklose Inbox page
Autoklose Inbox page

All replies grouped up, and option to reply directly from inside Autoklose. One off emails.

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The Inbox feature gives more actionable insight into how each individual prospect feels about your email based on their replies. In a nutshell, it’s a central hub showing all the replies from all your campaigns as well as their status.

We wanted to give you the ability to have the Inbox inside the Autoklose, so you don’t have to leave the page and look for the actual reply inside your ESP.
All campaigns' replies will still be shown in one place, with an important addition. Now, you can reply to those prospects directly from Autoklose. No need to log in to your email client, constantly switch between Autoklose and your inbox, and spend more time searching for a response.
It is worth mentioning that only emails related to Autoklose will be shown here, campaign replies or replies to individual emails sent from Autoklose. In case you wish to check the messages non-related to Autoklose, please refer to the Private inbox page. More about this feature is in this article.

When we navigate to the Inbox page, the first option on the upper left side is the "Compose New Email" button.

When you click on the button, it will open up a new page. Here, you can create a new message to send to existing or completely fresh contacts not already saved in your Autoklose database. The signature token will be automatically added and will provide a signature from Email settings. Other Tokens and custom fields are not available.

Email can be sent from any available connection. Click anywhere on From Field to activate the drop-down and choose the desired account.

Inside the "TO:" field, only a limited number of recipients can be added (up to 200 email recipients). This is done to prevent any malicious behavior (sending too many same messages in a short period of time) and unnecessary stress to your email account.
If a contact already exists in your Contacts section, it will be visible in a dropdown menu for the "TO:" field. Non-existing email addresses will be added as new contacts and will be visible in your Autoklose database.
The Preview Text field allows you to display an email preview different from the default preview generated by email clients. Find out more in this article.
Saved Email can be added using the option on the right side of the Subject line.
Even though tokens are not available while composing a new email, they can be imported together with Saved Email. It is important to know that tokens (except for the Signature token) might not work in the same way or with the same result as in regular campaigns. It is not recommended to use them if there is more than one recipient or the recipient is unknown, as they can give incorrect values in sent emails.

It is possible to schedule sending and send a one-off email at later date and time. To do so, click on the Arrow next to SEND EMAIL and choose Schedule Sending.

If, at the scheduled sending time, there is no available sending limit remaining, the email will be canceled, and a notification will be sent.

Important note: Compose New Email does not have the same functionality and sending pattern as a campaign, and some features like unsubscribe reply detection can work differently. Compose New Email, works best if considered as One-Off action and only one recipient is added.

Additional options appear once at least one contact is selected from the page.

Add to Campaign - add selected contacts in any existing or completely new campaign.

Add to Do not Email list/Remove from Do not Email list - depending on the contact status, it is possible to add or remove contacts from the DNE list, which will affect future outreach to it. Contacts on the DNE list will not be reached out to again.

Apply Tag/Remove Tags - option to add or remove tags depending on the user preference.

NOTE: Tags from the Inbox page do not act the same as tags in the Campaign or Contact sections. Tags applied in the Inbox will be visible and usable only inside this page, as they represent REPLY TAGS (tag-specific replies for easier navigation and filtering inside the Inbox page).

On the upper right side, there is a "Search bar" and "Filter." Use the search option to easily find desired replies - searching by the recipient's email address has proven to be the most efficient.
The filter can be used to narrow down the selection. Replies can be filtered by:

Campaign - select one or more campaigns from which you wish to check and see replies.
Reply type - by default, all reply types except for Bounced will be pre-selected.
From Email - choose only replies from any of the connected email accounts. The filter allows multi-selection, so it is possible to select one or more at the same time.
Tags - this filter is specific to the Inbox. The filter will show only replies tagged inside this page and not contacts that may have that tag but are applied in other sections like Contacts or Campaigns.

All filtered or searched replies will be listed below.

Besides the information about a recipient, you can also view the date and time of the actual reply, to which campaign your recipients reacted and which template is used in it, and similarly to the campaigns section - the reply type.

If a reply comes from the campaign, Phase, Subject/Campaign, and Template (if a sequence is saved), columns will be presented with all those pieces of information.
In case the reply is not referenced to a campaign, but to an individual email sent from Autoklose (using Compose New Email, Reply, Reply All, or Forward), the Subject/Campaign columns will show only the subject line.

Once you hover over the reply row additional options will appear on the right-hand side. Just click on the three dots button, and you will be able to add a recipient to the Campaign, Re-add to the campaign, or Add to the Do not email list. Also, options to Reply, Reply All, and Forward will appear.

This is pretty useful for Out of Office replies.
How many times have you received an Out of Office reply only to find out that the system flagged it as a regular reply which it is in a way? This way, you are forced to waste all the effort you’ve already put into it, or even worse - to create an entirely new campaign for only those contacts.

Not anymore!

Now you can easily find all the auto-replies in one place, filter them out, and push them back into the campaigns they were in so that they can continue exactly where they stopped the last time.

If that isn’t suitable for you, you can even add them to a completely different one with just two clicks.

If you want to know more about the reply types, you can find all the answers in this Campaign section article.

If you wish to check and see the Reply, just click anywhere within the reply line, or use the View option on the right-hand side. This action will open up the Reply page, where the response and all of the threaded emails can be seen.

The options to Reply, Reply All (if there are multiple recipients), and Forward message to some other contact/s are presented at the bottom of the page editor. If you wish to reply back, the From field will be predefined with the account used to send the initial email (the one you used to send the email the recipient replied to).

Emails sent via Compose New Email, Reply, Reply All, and Forward count toward the daily sending limit. If and when you hit the limit, all active campaigns will stop sending for the day until the next available day comes.

One-off emails will have priority over the campaign sequence emails.

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Your team!

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