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While Autoklose Inbox contains only messages that are in relation to emails sent from Autoklose (campaign replies or responses to emails sent from Inbox itself), Private Inbox is an addition to this feature and shows all messages from all connected mailboxes. This includes email accounts connected using the Connect Google or Microsoft options as well as Another provider where both IMAP and SMTP access is provided.

Options available on the Private inbox page are similar to the ones in Autoklose inbox. For more details please refer to this article.

Compose Email - send a one-off email directly from Autoklose. Activity tracking and personalization options are disabled for such emails as this functionality doesn't have the same purpose as regular email campaigns. All emails sent using this or Reply, Reply all, or Forward options count toward the sending limit for email connection.

Select at least one Reply to get more toolbar options:

Add to Campaign - option to quickly add one or more contacts into an existing or completely new campaign.

Add contacts - save one or more contacts in your Autoklose database. As the Private inbox does not need to include emails related to Autoklose campaigns, this option adds an easy and fast way of saving new contacts to your database.

Add/Remove from DNE - mutually exclusive options, in case contact is already on the Do not email list only option to remove will be active, and vice versa.

Apply a tag - to ease up filtering in the future apply an existing one or create and apply a completely new tag. Please note that only replies can be tagged inside Inbox. Contacts do not get the tag.
Remove a tag - option to quickly remove tag(s) from the selection of replies.

Reply, Reply all, and Forward options are available in the additional menu (3 dots on the right) or when checking the reply itself by using the View option or simply by clicking anywhere on the reply row.

Search bar - makes it easier to find the desired message.

Filter - provides options to refine the selection of available emails.

Email account field allows filtering only replies from selected email connections.

Contain tags - filter out only replies with chosen tag(s)
Add Exclude Field - below to open up the option to exclude tags (Does not contain tags) and replies from the filter.

In case there is a need to remove emails from specific or all email connections in the Private inbox it is necessary to Disconnect email account and choose an option to Disconnect and remove emails. This option is available in Email settings, and under the Manage button for the desired connection.

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Happy klosing! :)

Your team!

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