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Autoresponses and Out of office replies
Autoresponses and Out of office replies

How to utilize Autoklose to handle OOO email responses

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An automatic reply is a pre-written response that is automatically sent to an incoming email or message when the recipient is unable to attend to it promptly. Reasons for Autoresponses can be many and they can inform the sender about: recipient retirement, change of email address (with or without forwarding), change of company, use of spam protection software that requires some manual actions from sender, and many others.

Out of Office (OOO) reply is a specific type of automatic reply that is used when the recipient is temporarily away from their email or unavailable to respond. The OOO message typically contains information about the recipient's absence and the dates they will be away, along with any alternative contact information if necessary.

Our new email recognition system, powered by OpenAI, is capable of recognizing these types of replies with high accuracy.

Since OOO is just one type of Auto reply, why is there a separate reply type for it inside Autoklose?
The reason for this is quite simple. By default, all new Autoklose campaigns have default conditions and actions in Campaign step 1.

Basically after each reply, regardless of the reply type, recipients will be removed from the campaign and stop receiving emails from the sequence. In most cases, this is more than sufficient, but if you wish to make sure recipients that replied with automated OOO reply, really received and read an email, there is an action specific to this reply type.

Once our system recognizes the OOO reply type, that recipient will remain in ACTIVE status, which means campaign will not stop for it, and the next follow-up will be scheduled.
In case there is a date inside this message and it is in ISO date format (yyyy-MM-dd), our system will use it and not try to send the next email prior to that date. It can also detect (or convert similar dates to) US format. For example, 06-07-2023 will be considered June 7th. All unrecognized date formats will be ignored, and contact will be given Active status and scheduled for sending as soon as possible.
Please note that default action MUST be removed before OOO/ Continue Campaign can be added since they are mutually exclusive. This will also mean all other reply types and actions should be set individually.

Continue Campaign action is not available for Auto-Responses since there are so many possible reasons for this reply type, and they are not always temporary. Continuing campaign and sending more emails can only lead to more of the same reply, without message moving any closer to the designated recipient.
It is highly recommended to review all responses and if necessary change the recipient status inside the campaign manually.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Happy klosing! :)

Your team!

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