These points are assigned based on a particular recipient’s activity. 

Their purpose is to show you how engaged that particular recipient is.

For example, an email/contact gets a certain number of points assigned, if they open your email, click on the link, or take action.
The more points a recipient has, the more engaged and interested they are. In other words, the more points a recipient has, the more likely that they are a good lead. Leads with the highest scores are most likely to convert. 

  • When a recipient opens your email, they’re rewarded with 5 points.
  • Every subsequent open brings them 1 point.
  • A recipient who clicks on your link gets 10 points.
  • Every subsequent click on the link brings them another 3 points. 

The points can be viewed from header section of the "contacts" or by clicking on an individual recipient (contact) in a particular campaign.

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