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Contact and recipient statuses explained
Contact and recipient statuses explained
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Status inside Contacts page.

There are two main statuses which basically tell whether contacts are available for use in campaigns or not.

Active - all contacts available for campaign import.
Do not Email (DNE) - bounced, unsubscribed, manually added to Do Not Email list or list of DNE domains. They are clearly visible and marked with a small icon next to the email address. As long as contacts remain on the DNE list, they will not be available for campaigns, and will not have an active status in campaign

Both Active and Do not Email statuses can be manually changed. Select desired contact/s and on the top Toolbar choose Add or Remove from DNE.

Single campaign page Recipient Status

When looking into the single campaign Recipient tab you may noticed some statuses next to each recipient. They are either automatically given by Autoklose or manually set by users.

Active - Each contact is given this status right after being added to Autoklose. In a campaign, this status means that the prospect either hasn’t been contacted yet or hasn’t yet replied so the sequence continues sending to that recipient.

Engaged, Not Interested, Interested, Auto Response, Out of Office - different reply types that are automatically given by Autoklose AI reply recognition process. This status can be manually changed in case recipients reach out to you via different channels (phone, Linkedin,...) or if AI recognition puts the wrong status.
A major difference between Engaged and Interested is that Interested only includes positive replies, while neutral and all other replies that can not be bound to any other reply category are considered Engaged. To check the main differences and possibilities with Auto-Responses and Out of Office statuses and reply types, please check this article.

Unsubscribed - contact that replied with desire and request to be removed from your mailing list. AI recognition detects such responses, removes them from the campaign, and adds to the DNE list.

Unsubscribe link - status which shows that the recipient clicked on an unsubscribe link provided in email.

Bounced - once Autoklose detects a bounce report in your inbox, the recipient will be removed from the campaign, added to the DNE list and status changed to Bounced.

Removed - We assign this status in the campaign to contacts that were removed from the campaign recipients section manually, by using the Set Status dropdown and choosing Removed. Additionally, contact can have this status if it bounces in a different (team) campaign, is unsubscribed, or added to DNE list via some other means, separate from the current campaign. Contacts that have received an email from the campaign will remain in the recipient list as they affect statistics, while contacts with no sending activity will be completely removed from the campaign list as they do not have an impact on campaign stats.

Campaign Stopped - by default, this status is added when the recipient reaches Automated Action or Decision tree condition and is removed from the campaign sequence automatically.

Appointment Booked - it can only appear in case Calendly integration is active and recipient used the link provided in your email to book a call.

Recipient status inside campaign can be manually changed using the Set Status dropdown. Find out more information about this topic in the article.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

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