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What happens if the same contact is in multiple campaigns and they unsubscribe from one of them?
What happens if the same contact is in multiple campaigns and they unsubscribe from one of them?

If the contact unsubscribes from a campaign (do not email).

Written by Bergen Wilde
Updated over a week ago

When a contact unsubscribes through an unsubscribe link or responds with a “do not email” phrase, they’re automatically transferred to the DNE (do not email) list which applies to all your campaigns. This means that the contact will be removed from all campaigns and will not be available for upload to any newly created campaign.

If you want to undo this change and bring the contact back to the “Send list”:

  • Log into your Autoklose account. 

  • Click on the “Contacts” section on the left-hand side.

  • Click "Filter" and "Add Filter"

  • From the Dropdown select Status filter and choose Do Not Email.

  • Check the box next to a recipient or select all filtered contacts.

  • Hit the Arrow next to the "Add to DNE" button to show "Remove from DNE" option and click it.

  • The selected contacts will lose the DNE mark next to it and will be available for use in future campaigns.

Note that contacts in existing campaigns do not automatically change status. They will remain Removed from the campaign, and to bring them back manually change of status is required. Find out more about this process in this article.

Remove contacts from the DNE list ONLY in case there is certainty that this contact would like to continue receiving your emails, or in case there was some technical issue that wrongfully added contacts to the DNE.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat. 

Happy klosing! :)

Your team!

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