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An easy way to remove titles, organizations and locations from selection

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If you wish to reach out to your leads, but not to all of them, and have specific titles, organizations, or locations in mind, from now there is an option to exclude some leads from the selection.
The filter in the Contact section and campaign upload (Existing contacts) contains the exclude option for the fields: Job Title, Organization, and location (City, State, Country) with an already existing tag exclude feature.

Click the exclude option to expand it and type in what you wish to be removed from the selection. Please note that exclude (except the tag exclude feature) works best with the include option.
For example, we want only Managers but do not want anyone from sales and marketing. In the "Job Title" field select Manager, in "Exclude Job Title" type "Sales" then hit enter, and then do the same for "Marketing".

This filter will provide only contacts that have the title Manager, but without any mention of sales or marketing titles.
The same principle applies to the location and Organization fields too.

Exclude tags are even simpler. Just expand the exclude option, and choose the desired tag from the available choices (all tags created by you or your team). "Does not contain tags" will show all contacts without selected tag/s.

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

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