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An easy way to remove titles, organizations and locations from selection

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If you wish to reach out to your leads, but not to all of them, and have specific titles, organizations, or locations in mind, from now there is an option to exclude some leads from the selection.
The filter in the Contact section and campaign upload (Existing contacts) contains the exclude option for the fields: Job Title, Organization, and location (City, State, Country) with an already existing tag exclude feature.

Once on the Contacts page click the Filters button on the right and +Add filter. Excluding options can be used with the above-mentioned fields.

Select the field you would to filter and type in the value.

Please note that exclude (except the tag exclude feature) works best with the include option. It is recommended to first add what would you like to include in selection, and then add an exclude filter to narrow down the search.

For example, we want only Managers and Sales Managers but do not want anyone from support and marketing. In the "Job Title" field select Manager, and make sure that selector is set to "IS"

Notice that the filter also includes marketing and support contacts. The reason for this is that those Job Titles contain word "Manager" so they are included in the selection. We can remove such contacts by excluding filters.
In this case, we want to repeat the filter and switch the selector to "IS NOT".

The most effective method for determining if a selector is interactive and modifiable is to hover your mouse cursor over it. Selector includes additional options if the color changes to orange.

Use the Search field to find Support and Marketing Managers, select them and that is it, the selection will now only contain contacts that have "Manager" title, but "Support" and "Marketing" titles will be excluded.

The same principle applies to the location and Organization fields too.

Please note that it is not required to use the include option, but, in most use cases, filters work better if this is the case.

Exclude tags are even simpler. From the Add Filter dropdown click on the Tags field. Select the desired tag to include. Let's say we want only contacts with just "Example" tag. Notice that there are a couple with "Manager Tag" too.

Use the Tags filter again, and this time set selector to "DO NOT CONTAIN" and exclude all other tags.

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