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Database filter, and contact upload.

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Autoklose Credits refer to the use of a predefined number of contacts from our database. In many ways, it is the same as our DataUnlimited plan, and the main difference is that Credits are limited to the number of contacts that can be uploaded to campaigns by the number of purchased credits. If you wish to learn more on how to purchase Credits, please check this article.

Credits are already purchased, what now?

To start spending Credits, create a new or go to an existing campaign, and in "Step 2 - Choose Recipients," choose "Buy and Use Contacts".

By default, a basic database filter will open up. More advanced filtering options can be enabled using the option at the top.

"Matched leads" on the left side shows how many leads match the current filter setup.
"Leads in campaign" is a number of leads that will be added to the campaign. By default, it is set to 2,000, but this value can be changed and adjusted manually. If this number is higher than the number of available credits, an info window will pop up, with a notification on how many contacts will be uploaded with the current Credit score and with an option to purchase additional credits.

Once contacts are uploaded, credits are reserved.

Credits will be returned to the user if the campaign or contacts are deleted prior to sending. If a contact, uploaded using Credits, is in the "Nothing Sent" phase and was removed from the campaign, the credit for such a contact will be returned to the user.

All contacts (email addresses) from our database are automatically Validated before sending. In case the first email of the campaign bounces, that credit will be returned to the user.
Credits are fully spent (no longer reserved) after the campaign email has been successfully sent out.
All credit activity can be checked in the Credits logs on the Billing page.

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