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Add or remove contacts from the campaign.

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It is possible to add more contacts to the campaign, regardless if it is a draft, in progress, or even finished.

Finished campaigns will change status to In Progress, and if there is enough time and sending limit is not reached for the day, sending will start. Of course, only newly added recipients will be scheduled for sending. Previously used contacts are already out of the campaign, they either reached the end of the sequence, bounced, unsubscribed, or reached a specific condition that ends the campaign for them.
In-progress and Paused campaigns schedule recently added contacts accordingly, where priority in sending have recipients that received the previous email/s and that are further down the sequence. The reason for this is that system needs to respect Delay between emails ("Send after x days" setting in the campaign) and close the sequence faster and in line with the predefined schedule.

To add more campaign recipients:

  • Login to your Autoklose account.

  • Navigate to the Campaigns page.

  • Hover over the desired campaign, and click the Edit button on the right side

  • Hit the Edit button for the Recipients section.


  • Click the name of the desired campaign, and on the Details page, hit the Edit or Add Recipients

Campaign recipients can be added using the Existing Contacts filter, New Contact, and Upload CSV option.

Click the Add Contact(s) button to choose recipients from the existing contacts. This option allows you to filter and select contacts currently uploaded to the team database.

In case there is a need to add new contacts directly to the campaign, click the arrow to expand and show additional options.
Add New Contact is a way to add a single contact to a campaign.

The Upload CSV option can be used to upload a prepared file with contact information that can be mapped and used in an email sequence via tokens.

An additional upload option is Data Unlimited, which gives you access to millions of B2B leads.

Buy and Use Contacts enables you to purchase a defined number of Data Unlimited contacts using the credits feature.

All contact sources can be combined or repeated if necessary. For example, one upload can be using the CSV file, and the other using the Data unlimited or Credits option.

Please note that if contacts that already exist in the campaign are added again, the status will be switched to Active even in the case that person replied previously. This can mean that contacts that replied or reached the condition from the Automated Actions or Decision tree campaigns can continue getting emails from the sequence.
Only contacts in the Do-Not-Email list will not change the status.

On the same page, it is also possible to Remove desired contacts.

In case the recipient already received an email, it will remain on the Recipient list for the campaign, with the status Removed, since they need to be available for accurate statistics.

Recipients that haven't received any emails yet will be removed entirely from the campaign and recipient list. In the case of Data Credit contacts, upon removal from the recipient list, credits will be returned to the user. This information will be visible in the Credits section on the Billing page.

When importing new contacts, there is an option to Set Starting Email. This is a great way to skip some initial emails of the sequence for newly added contacts.

Please note that for recipients that already received campaign email/s, it is not possible to change the starting email. Change of this value is available only for recipients with Nothing delivered PHASE and Active STATUS.

By default, starting date for those recipients is set to the current date. It can be changed to any date in the future, and the system will not try to send an email to that recipient until the set date.

When ready, hit the Update button at the top right.

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