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Personalize emails for campaign recipients
Personalize emails for campaign recipients

Customize your campaign email sequence to better engage specific contacts

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Our new feature, "Personalized Emails," allows you to customize your campaign email sequence to engage specific contacts better. Instead of using the same content for all recipients, you can now utilize unique approaches such as using nicknames instead of first names, incorporating joint images, adding specific links, or even further edit and personalize emails.

To access and use the "Personalized Emails" feature, you must be subscribed to the Advanced or Accelerated Kloser plans. For detailed subscription information and an extended list of included features, please refer to the Pricing page.

How to find and use this "Personalized Emails" feature?
Start (or continue) the campaign creation process. On Step 4 - Customize Template, you will find a new option on the left side. In addition to the regular Email Sequence, a Personalize tab will be available for selection.

Once you click the Personalize tab, an edit mode will be initiated for the currently selected email in the sequence. To begin editing the email for a particular campaign contact, simply click the "Choose Recipient" button. This action will allow you to make customizations specific to that contact within the email.

To proceed, search for and select the desired contact from the available options. Once you have selected the recipient, click the "Add Personalization" button. A quick preview of the currently selected email for the desired recipient appears. All placeholders or tokens will be automatically replaced with actual contact information, enabling you to review and make any necessary adjustments or modifications. You have the flexibility to add images, insert links, modify content, incorporate new tokens, and more, exclusively for this particular email and recipient. In case you make changes but are unsatisfied with the result, you can utilize the "Reset" button located in the top right corner of the editor. This button will restore the email to its default state, undoing any changes you made.

If you wish to create personalization for the next email in the sequence for the same recipient, click on the arrow located in the "Personalizing sequence" field. A drop-down menu will appear, allowing you to choose the desired email for customization. Start making the necessary changes to personalize the selected email. In case there are multiple existing personalizations, and you need to review or locate specific ones, you can use the "Search Recipients" option. Please note that this search field is specifically designed to find recipients for whom personalized emails have already been created.

A useful method for determining whether recipients already have email personalization is by checking their markings in the list. Recipients with email personalization are denoted by an orange mark next to their email address. For instance, in the provided screenshot, "" lacks personalization for the email with the subject line "Almost there," whereas personalization has been implemented for "" To initiate personalization, all that's needed is to click the "Create Personalization" button on the right side.

It's important to note that changes made within the editor are automatically saved, as indicated by the status next to the "Reset" button.

Once you have finished making the desired personalization, you can click the "Next Step" button in the top right corner. Alternatively, you can select the next recipient to create another personalization.

Two options are available if you decide to remove personalization. The "Remove" button, located in the lower right corner, removes only currently selected personalization, while the "x" mark next to the recipient can be used to remove all personalizations for that recipient. When personalization is deleted, Autoklose will revert to using the default email template for that recipient, just like for other recipients, without additional personalization. Removal is permanent and can not be reverted.

Even if personalization is applied to certain recipients, the A/B test feature remains accessible. It's crucial to note that only variant A can be personalized. Recipients who receive personalized content during the A/B test will exclusively receive this specific email and won't have the opportunity to receive the non-personalized variant B.

During the final step of the Campaign review, you will have access to information summarizing all the previous steps, including any additional personalizations implemented. This stage provides details regarding the number of campaign recipients who have received additional personalization and the total count of email variations that have been created. Keep in mind that recipients can have multiple personalized emails assigned to them.

Please note that the feature to personalize emails is currently limited to standard Automate Action campaigns only. It is not available in the Decision Tree campaign mode at this time.

In case personalization is created for some recipients when the Decision tree is enabled, those emails will be removed, and only the default email (template) will remain. Note that personalized emails are permanently deleted and can not be restored even once the Decision Tree campaign is deactivated.

Please note that, in campaign Step 1 Automate Action, it is only possible to automate actions using the links initially included in the default email, excluding any links added during the additional personalization process.
So, in case you created an email sequence with some recipients having specific personalized emails, once you go back to campaign Step 1, under Automate Action, it will be possible to create an action triggered only by link clicks from the original email. Additional or different links from personalization will not appear in the dropdown. That being said, while it is not possible to automate actions using specific links from personalized emails, the "Any link" condition will continue to work as intended for all links, even the ones included in personalized emails.

In conclusion, the introduction of our new feature, "Personalized Emails," offers the ability to tailor your email sequences to individual contacts by empowering you to create more engaging and impactful messages. This level of customization ensures that your emails stand out, capture attention, and foster stronger connections with your audience.

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