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Set Starting Email and Date for imported recipients
Set Starting Email and Date for imported recipients

Upload recipients and set starting Email and Date

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Here is how to add more recipients:

  1. Click on the Campaigns tab.

  2. Choose the campaign you want to restart from the list.

  3. On the Campaign Details page click the "Add Recipients" button (or the "Edit" button, and again "Edit" in the Recipients section).

  4. Click on the Existing contacts, Upload .csv, Add new contact or Data unlimited button to choose the source from which you want to add a contact(s).

  5. Click on the Update button at the bottom of the "Choose Recipients" screen.


  1. Go to the Contacts section

  2. Select the contacts you want to add to your campaign using filters

3. Click on the Add to campaign button and choose the campaign from the drop-down menu and click on Add to campaign button.

Now that more "fresh" recipients are added to the campaign, they will by default start from the beginning of the sequence and Email 1, with the first available date as a starting point for sending.
It is possible to change Starting Email and Date for newly added campaign recipients.
To do so, while in Campaign Step 2 (Choose Recipients), select desired contact/s and click on the "Choose starting email" button.

This action will open up a new pop-up window with the option to select Starting Email.

Starting Email

And an option to select the starting date.

Starting Date

Once done, click the "Confirm starting Email" button and notice that the value in column "Phase" changed.

Please note that the Starting date will tell our system from which date to start sending attempts. If there are recipients with a higher priority (higher in the sequence), or sending days (setting in Step 1) are not available, an email to that recipient will not be sent on that occasion.

Recipients that already received an email from the campaign will not be affected by the change of the Starting email. It is not possible to move them up or down the sequence and they will follow normal campaign flow.

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Your team!

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