How to purchase Data Credits?

Acquire access to Autoklose Contacts by purchasing data credits

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If you don’t want to commit to our DataUnlimited add-on but still want to have the ability to download contacts from it, you can purchase credits for yourself and your team member(s).

To purchase credits, click on Buy Credits Now and choose the package that works for you.

After the purchase has been made, you will see how many Spent, Total (purchased), and Remaining credits you have left under the credits tabs.

You can share your credits with your team member(s) by clicking on the Send Credits button. Once you’re there you can choose how many credits you wish to send and to which team member.

Credit Logs clearly show how you’ve managed your credits across the account.

You will be able to access your credits in the second step of the campaign flow. This article covers the use of credits in detail.

The overlay is the same as for DataUnlimited, meaning that you will have a comprehensive set of filters for list segmentation.

You can download the number of contacts equal to the number of remaining credits or buy more credits.

Please note: 1 credit equals 1 contact. There’s no expiration date on the credits. Credits cannot be converted back to real money. If you send the credits to your team member, there will be no way of returning the credits from a team member to a team manager.

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

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