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Email editor - new features and improvements
Email editor - new features and improvements

How to utilize email editor and create personalized emails

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Email or text editor is included in multiple sections of Autoklose. It can be found in Signature settings (Email connection settings), Templates (Email sequences or just Saved Emails), Inbox (compose new email and Reply), and of course, in campaigns (Step 4 - Customize Templates).

Email editor in campaign Customize Templates step:
Each email requires a subject line, body, and signature.
To add a subject line, simply click on the designated field and start writing. In case you wish to add some personalization, the insert Token field will appear. Please note that this option only applies to the subject line and will not add tokens in the email body.
The email standard is that the text in the subject line should not be formatted, so additional options like font type, size, and color are not available.

Below the subject line and options to add CC and BCC starts an email body editor.

Edit - Undo, Redo, Select all and Find and replace

View - Source Code, Fullscreen

Insert - Image, Link, Table, Special character, Emojis, Horizontal line

Format - Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Superscript, Subscript, Code, Formats, Fonts,

Font sizes, Align, Line height, Text Color, Background color, Clear formatting

Tools - Source code, Word count

Table - Table, Cell, Row, Column, Table properties, Delete Table

Simplified view offers basic options like Undo, Redo, Insert token, Font type, and size styles and paragraph. For more features, an advanced view can be enabled by clicking on the 3 dots placed on the right side of the toolbar.

Additional options are:

  • Alignment - align text to left, right, and center, or justify.

  • Indentation - add space at the beginning of a paragraph or line of text to create a visual separation from surrounding text.

  • Numbered or Bulleted lists - create lists using bulletin or numbering options

  • Text and Text Background color - separate or highlight parts of the text. Select specific (or all) text and use these options to change the font color.

  • Clear formatting - in case text is pasted from an external source, or you simply want to start over by removing formatting from all or just parts of the text. Select specific (or all) text and use this option to clear existing text formatting.

  • Insert special characters and Emojis - sometimes the simplest things work the best πŸ˜ƒ

  • Fullscreen - show the email editor in fullscreen mode. To exit simply click the same button again.

  • Print - print or save the email as .pdf

  • Source code - for users that have basic or advanced knowledge of HTML and coding. Create or edit emails using this source code.

  • Attach file - attachment limit per message is 3 files or 15 MB in size. This is the absolute maximum, but it is highly recommended to reduce the number and size of all attached files as large attachments can influence email delivery. In case the file is larger than the allowed maximum, a workaround would be to upload the file to the cloud or other hosting services, and insert a link to it in your email.

  • Insert/Edit image - import and place images inside your message

    General - insert an image using the source of the image. Great way to import images hosted externally. The source address must end in image file type extensions like .png .jpg . jpeg .gif and similar. Add an Alternative description and Image title, adjust the size, and finally click the Save button.

    Advanced option is for image editing where it is possible to adjust the exact placement of the image and border.

    Upload image directly from your hard drive.

  • Insert video - utilize great integration with Vidyard. Embed existing or record new videos. Find out more about this integration in this article.

  • Insert link - select part of the text or click anywhere in the email to add a link.

    In the URL field type in or paste the link. In case text is already selected Text to display will be prefilled, but it can be changed if necessary. Chose where the link, upon clicking on it, will open up in the Current or New window.

  • Unsubscribe link - a great way to leave a way for recipients to opt out of your emails. It is always better to leave a way to unsubscribe, as a lack of it can lead to more spam reports. By default, the Text of this link will say Unsubscribe, but it is possible to change it and for example, adjust it for your preferred language.

    Additionally, this link can be combined and used in a sentence. Here is one example:

Advanced and Accelerated Kloser plans have slightly different editor options.

  • Merge Tag field is placed Instead of a Token dropdown. An additional option is that it allows searching for tokens. Really useful in case there are numerous custom contact fields.

Additionally, it is possible to directly type in the token name, starting with {{ .The editor will offer personalization options to insert.

  • PowerPaste - copies formatting from external apps like Microsoft and Google Docs. Text formatting will be preserved and fully copied.

  • Format Painter - copy and paste formattings, such as font style and size, from one content location to another.

  • Advanced Code Editor - make it easier to modify the HTML underneath your content.

  • Enhanced Image Editing - flip, rotate, crop, resize and apply filters to your images, all within the editor.

The editor inside Inbox is almost the same. The major difference is that there is no option to add personalization tokens. The reason for this and more information about the Inbox page can be found in this article.

Signature editor makes it really easy to create completely new or re-create existing signatures.
​Advanced and Accelerated Klosers have access to a super useful PowerPaste feature. It allows easy and simple signature creation. Copy the signature from your email client, and paste it directly into the Signature. Choose an option to Keep Formatting, and that is it, the signature is already done.

Additional option, available to all Autoklose users is to insert already predefined Unsubscribe text. It can be used in combination with the already explained Unsubscribe link.
Once the signature is saved, token for it should be automatically added when starting a new campaign. If this is not the case, or you are editing an old campaign and the signature token is not placed, simply use the Token or Merge Tag dropdown and add it to the end of email message.

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