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How to add the Unsubscribe option to your email or signature
How to add the Unsubscribe option to your email or signature

Provide an easy way for recipients to opt out from your emails

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Most major email providers these days require users to include an easily accessible opt-out option in their emails.
​Sending emails without such an opt-out option can draw the attention of email providers or prompt recipients to block or report the sender for spam, as they may not see any alternative way to stop receiving unwanted messages.

This aspect of email communication is vital for marketing and sales-related campaigns and sequences. Forcing emails to recipients can have a bigger impact and consequences than lower open or conversion rates. It can hurt email accounts and even the domain's health and reputation in the long run.

Autoklose offers a couple of ways to add Unsubscribe to your emails.

  • Add Unsubscribe into Signature

To learn how to create a signature please check this article.
Inside the Signature editor access the additional menu by clicking on the 3 dots on the right side. Notice the "Unsubscribe Link" and "Unsubscribe Text" buttons.

Unsubscribe Link adds a link at the cursor position.
The visible text that will be hyperlinked can be customized, allowing for it to be tailored to the user's or campaign's language and writing style. Write a word or phrase in the "Text" field and hit the "Add Link".

After clicking on this link, recipients will have an easy way to Unsubscribe.

Unsubscribe Text provides an example of the text that suggests how recipients can unsubscribe by replying to the email. Autoklose AI component checks emails, and it will catch an opt-out request.
Users can freely customize the example text. It's important to inform recipients that they can opt-out simply by replying to the email with various words and phrases such as 'Unsubscribe,' 'Stop,' 'Remove me from your mailing list,' and similar options.

What is great is that these two options can be combined, it looks good and can be more efficient. This way recipients know that they can choose between replying and clicking on a link.

Unsubscribe link is proven to be more reliable as it works even if Click tracking for campaign is deactivated, while Text and AI reply recognition works only if the "Reply tracking" in campaign step 1 is turned on.

When creating a new email in campaign insert a signature token and unsubscribe options will be added as well.

  • Add Unsubscribe inside Template or Campaign editor

The unsubscribe link can also be found in the Template or Campaign email editor.
Find out how to create and manage templates here, and learn more about campaign creation process in this article.
Similar to the previously explained process, find the "Unsubscribe link" under the additional menu. Clicking on it will add a token at the cursor position.
Unsubscribe text button is not available in this toolbar, but of course, it is possible to write your own instructions for recipients on how to opt out.

Note that regular unsubscribe text or hyperlink text for unsubscribe link formatting can be changed once they are added to the editor. Select all desired text and choose the formatting from the toolbar.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

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