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If you want to save your emails and later use and re-use them, show them to your colleagues, and share them with all team members, email sequences can be created and saved in the Templates section.
At the top of this page, there are 4 tabs, that can filter templates to "All templates", "My team templates", "Default templates" and "Saved Emails". My team templates will show all email sequences saved by any member of the team, and Default templates are the ones created by the Autoklose team for your convenience.

The "New template button" will open up the template creation screen, where new email sequences can be created and saved.
Industry can be added during the template creation for easier filtering and searching in the future. All changes are automatically saved, and there is an option to manually save the progress.
Utilize Autoklose Komposer to Generate, Rephrase, or Fix the Grammar and Spelling. Find out more about our AI feature in this article.
Once done, hit the Cancel button and leave the template editor.

If you ever have the need to adjust some emails, templates can be edited directly (click on a template and it will open up in the editor).

Important note: any changes made to the email sequence in this section will not be automatically synced into campaigns that use that template.

​The manager of the team can "Preview", "Duplicate" and "Remove" all templates, regardless of ownership, while the member will have those options only for templates created by that user. For templates created by the other members or managers, the Remove option will not be available, and email sequences must be duplicated before any editing attempt.
Note: Default templates can't be removed, they will always be available for all team members.

Default templates are created by the Autoklose team and almost all have placeholders marked by square brackets. Those brackets should be removed and the text in them changed with your own wording before moving forward.

Saved Emails are a bit different than templates as they can contain only one email. Since one email is stored there is no need to keep any follow-up delay, threading, or similar values. Find out more about Saved Emails, how and where you can use them in the article.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

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