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Autoklose Komposer - AI writing assistant
Autoklose Komposer - AI writing assistant

Generate emails, rephrase text or check grammar using AI assistance

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Crafting well-written emails is essential for professional success. However, not everyone has the time or expertise to create polished and compelling messages. That's where Autoklose Komposer comes into play, offering a sublime solution to elevate your email writing experience.

It's like having a virtual assistant at your fingertips, ready to assist in composing emails that are not only grammatically flawless but also engaging and persuasive.

Autoklose Komposer is available in the Template section, where it can assist in writing completely new or rephrasing and fixing old email templates. Of course, this feature can be found in the campaign section, step 4, when creating new campaigns as well.

Generate AI text

The main strength of Autoklose Komposer is the ability to create text per your requirements and input.

When in Template or Campaign creation/edit mode, find the option to Generate text on the side by clicking on the Komposer button, or the Generate at the bottom and under the Komposer toolbar.

Generate AI Text module contains a couple of options.
Let us start from the top.

  1. Click the arrow to change the position of the Generate AI Text module from right to left.

  2. Clear All - reset all prompts and remove all outputs. Please note that outputs will be deleted and no longer available. In case there are some useful results, and before using Clear All, use the Star icon to save them in your Library.

  3. Start New - create a new AI prompt. All previously made outputs will be still visible if you scroll up the drawer.

  4. The main Generate window with options to set requirements per which AI will create outputs.

    • Template - contains a set of predefined input prompts added by the Autoklose team. Choose the one from the dropdown, and input fields will be filled. Of course, it is possible to edit these prompts, add what and if something is missing, change output length, etc.

    • Context - choose one of the previously saved Context-s from the dropdown. This is a great option, where you can tell AI where to look for the context of your personal background, company insights, and product details.

    • Email Purpose - explain the main purpose of this email for example:
      "Quote existing customers on the new product line".

    • Choose a Tone - depending on the purpose and audience of the email, choose the appropriate tone of the email from Formal to Friendly and Playful.

    • Target Audience - who do you wish to send this email to, potential or existing users, specific type of contacts like C or executive level employees, coworkers, etc.

    • Key Points - specific topics, questions, or points you wish to cover in the email.

    • Choose Lenght - this setting affects the length of outputs, and how many words will be spent.
      Short - 50-100 words - great for quick updates or direct requests
      Medium - 100-200 words - good for detailed explanations or multiple points
      Long - 200+ words - best for in-depth discussions or extensive updates.

    • Generate - initiate AI magic and proceed to outputs created per previously set inputs.

    • Output page - at the top all used inputs can be overviewed. Edit button can be used to change input prompts and Delete to close the output screen and reset inputs.

      Below are listed 3 outputs, generated per provided prompts. Click on the Star next to the output to add it to your Library. This way output is saved and can be later used without the need to recreate the AI prompt.
      In case one result is really good, and you would like to create similar emails simply click the More Like This button. And finally, there is an option to Delete the output. Please note that this is a permanent action and can not be reversed. Deleted results will no longer be available.

      Let us see how you can use outputs in the email editor. Hover over the output subject line or body, and click on the Copy button that appears. Then go to the editor and either in the subject line or email body hit the right-click/Paste or keyboard shortcut to paste the copied text. No, there is no one-button to simply copy the whole output. The reason is simple. You may want to copy just the subject line or body, or even paste the output into a specific part of the email. The reasons are many, and the option to copy one section at a time provides more flexibility. It is important to note that it is possible to combine outputs with your own text, copy subject line from one output, and body from another. There is no limit to how you can use the provided outputs.

    The status bar below shows how many words are used in the monthly Komposer subscription. Unused words do not carry over to the next billing period.

  5. Library contains all previously saved outputs which can now be easily accessed.
    Click on the star to Remove output from library.
    Hover over the output Subject line or Body for Copy Subject/Body options to appear and simply paste it into the editor (keyboard shortcut for Windows CTRL + V, keyboard shortcut for Mac Command + V). It is possible to individually copy the subject line and body and mix it with your own text or different outputs.

  6. Context tab provides a way to see and create new Context. It is possible to set the context for personal background, company insights, and product details. Type in your own text or simply click the Load from URL, provide a link to the page, and AI will "read" and create a summary. Review and edit if necessary, and once ready save the Context for later use.

Rephrase text - select a portion of the text, and click the Rephrase button on the Komposer toolbar. Choose from the provided results, copy and paste into the desired position inside email.

Please note that selection can not exceed a maximum of 300 characters. To rephrase larger text, select smaller portions and make multiple prompts to rephrase.

Fix Grammar and Spelling - select a portion of the text, and hit the Fix Grammar and Spelling button from the Komposer toolbar. Copy the fixed text from Komposer and paste it into the desired position inside email.

To purchase Autoklose Komposer slots, navigate to the Billing page, and under Autoklose Komposer section click the "Manage Slots" button. Add or remove slots depending on your needs.

Please note that purchased slots are auto-renewed each month. This feature is only available through a monthly subscription, which provides more flexibility and options to tailor and better manage your costs. You can add or remove slots as needed. Komposer slots are not refundable but can be canceled at any time, which will prevent renewal for the next billing cycle. The Komposer subscription can be easily stopped by clicking on the Cancel button.

Once Komposer slots are purchased, navigate to the My Team page, and on the right side of the team member, click the additional menu (3 dots), and hit the "Activate" option under the Autoklose Komposer section

In the same way, the Komposer slot can be removed and activated on another member of the team, or canceled if necessary. Simply repeat the process from above, and hit Deactivate and Activate on different team member, or navigate to the Billing page and reduce the number of slots.

Utilization and limitations for each pricing plan

The table below shows how many words and outputs Komposer slots get in each pricing plan.


Auto Kloser

Advanced Kloser

Accelerated Kloser





25,000 words - max per user

75,000 words/month - max per user

75,000 words/month - max per user

75,000 words/month - max per user

Three outputs

Three outputs

Three outputs

Three outputs

Please check our Pricing page for more information about the pricing plans and features.
Unused words do not transfer to the next month/billing period.

The 4.0 version is designed to be significantly more intuitive and responsive compared to its predecessors. This latest version can understand and execute requests in a manner that is closer to natural human thinking, allowing for a more sophisticated and creative engagement. Its enhanced capabilities make it more adept at understanding nuanced requests, providing not just accurate but also innovative solutions.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Happy klosing! :)

Your team!

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