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How to purchase and manage Autoklose Komposer slots
How to purchase and manage Autoklose Komposer slots

Buy and assign slots to start using Ai writing assistant

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To purchase Autoklose Komposer slots, navigate to the Billing page, and under Autoklose Komposer section hit the "Manage Slots" button. Add or remove slots depending on your needs.

Please note that purchased slots are auto-renewed each month. This feature is only available through a monthly subscription, which provides more flexibility and options to tailor and better manage your costs. You can add or remove slots as needed. Komposer slots are not refundable but can be canceled at any time, which will prevent renewal for the next billing cycle. The Komposer subscription can be easily stopped by clicking on the Cancel button.

Once Komposer slots are purchased, navigate to the My Team page, and on the right side of the team member, click the additional menu (3 dots), and hit the "Activate" option under the Autoklose Komposer section

In the same way, the Komposer slot can be removed and activated on another member of the team, or canceled if necessary. Simply repeat the process from above, and hit Deactivate, and Activate on different team member, or navigate to the Billing page and reduce the number of slots.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Happy klosing! :)

Your team!

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