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Blocked email account
Blocked email account
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Emails and in the end email accounts can get blocked for various reasons. Most often and important are:

  1. Spammy content - frequent or random use of capital letters; excessive punctuation, especially "$" and "!"; odd spacing or excessive amounts of blank space; too many spelling errors; frequent variations in text color and size; scam-like subject lines.

  2. Blocks by Internet Service Provider - if enough recipients mark your email as spam, the ISP may respond by blocking future emails from you.

  3. Custom spam filters - usually connected to the unknown sender in emails. The best way to resolve this is to ask recipients to add your email address to the whitelist or contact list (preferred in Email 1 of your campaign).

The email account can get blocked, and all your emails can either auto-bounce (100% or a high bounce rate) or end up in spam (a really low open rate).

Some of the ways to resolve this problem are listed below:

  1. Contact email provider for ways to unblock

    Depending on the email service provider, unblock process can differ, so it would be best to reach out to their support team or check the knowledge base for more information.

  2. Pause all campaigns and reduce sending limit to a safe value

    It is important to stop all sending via automation until the issue is resolved. Inside Autoklose, this is an easy and quick process. From the Campaigns page select all "in Progress" campaigns and hit the Pause button.

    In some cases, sending limit can be temporarily reduced by the email service provider, until the issue is resolved. It is recommended to lower sending limit to a safe value, and increase it gradually every couple of days.

  3. Check campaigns for spam trigger words and phrases, and remove all unnecessary links, images, and videos.

    The advice is to include no more than 3 links in a single email and keep the number of images and videos as low as possible. Different providers and clients can have different spam filters and firewall configurations which can prevent email delivery because it is too content-heavy.
    Our Template Analyzer highlights spam trigger words and phrases. Try to change the wording and keep the number of highlighted words below 3 per email.

  4. Add opt-out option to signature or email sequences

    One of the most important features of the list is to include an opt-out button/link in your emails. As recipients do not have the way to unsubscribe from emails, they will often report email for spam to prevent it from appearing in their Inbox again.
    Inside Autoklose there are two options to facilitate the unsubscribing process.
    The active one relies on word recognition in replies where it searches for unsubscribe phrases. It is recommended to add textual instructions - Unsubscribe text (eg. "If you do not wish to hear back from me please reply with Stop" or use Unsubscribe text in Signature settings)
    The second one is the Unsubscribe link. It is more reliable as it is not susceptible to, for example, typing errors.

  5. Create and add a custom tracking domain.

    It's another important feature that can help with email delivery and even open rates as all email links will have your own tracking subdomain instead of the Autoklose default one. More information about this feature and how to set it up can be found in this article.

  6. Explore ways to improve domain and email account reputation.

    To prevent putting your email account and email deliverability at risk, some industry rules must be followed at any cost. The ones, like properly set SPF and DKIM, are really important. Find out more about this topic in this article.

  7. Validate contact lists to ensure the bounce rate is as low as possible.

    Too many bounced emails will hurt your email deliverability rate and subsequently your reputation as a sender. With the Autoverify feature (article) contact lists can be validated directly within the platform. Of course, lists can be validated outside of Autoklose too. To avoid higher bounce rates, it is recommended to check your lists every 4-6 months.

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    If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

    Your team!

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