What does it mean to connect your domain to Autoklose?

Your campaigns in Autoklose can contain emails with links. In order to track clicks, these links are redirected through the Autoklose custom domain. This practice is common however it is not optimal for mail delivery. In order to maximize your email delivery, it is best to have links redirect through your domain that is sending the email in the first place. 

Connect your domain and copy your CNAME

Start the process by connecting your domain in your Autoklose domain manager and copying your CNAME:

  • Log into Autoklose with your Administrator account. Users can not modify domain settings.

  • Click on Your Name at the top right and click on Settings

  • Click on the E-mail Settings tab

  • Click on the Change button in the Tracking domain section (If you do not see this option, you are logged in as a user and need to re-log as the administrator).

  • The configuration screen provides brief instructions on configuring the custom domain. For this step you will need to log into your domain's DNS provider and add the following CNAME:
    Record Type: CNAME
    Points to/Target: custom.autoklose.com
    Please note that this is not done in Autoklose but at where you purchased your domain. Please read below for detailed instructions on performing this step.

  • After CNAME record is created, wait for the propagation period (up to 48h)

  • Log back to Autoklose and in the Tracking Domain field add full record (for example, track.domain.com)

  • once done Click Save. All your future emails will now use your own domain name in links and Autoklose will be tracking through those links.

Update your DNS records

Before making any DNS changes, ensure that your nameservers are hosted with your current DNS provider. If you need help making changes to your nameservers, reach out to your IT department or to your DNS provider's support team. Also, we recommend taking a screenshot of your DNS records with the original CNAME records for your files before making changes. 

To update your DNS records:

  • Log in to your DNS account.

  • Locate the existing CNAME record for the subdomain you're connecting or create a new one.

  • Enter the prefix for your subdomain (track, tracking, etc.) into the host, name, or alias field.

  • Paste the CNAME record you copied from Autoklose, custom.autoklose.com, into the target or points to field.

The navigation instructions and field names may differ across DNS providers. Your DNS provider manages your domain name and is typically where you purchased your domain. You can find instructions for editing DNS records in commonly used DNS providers below:  

If you're not sure who is hosting your domain, consult with your IT department or look up your domain

Please note: if you need additional assistance making changes to your DNS records, reach out to your DNS provider's support team. Autoklose support can not help with this task since we do not have access to your DNS records. 

>> GoDaddy

If you're using GoDaddy as your DNS provider you need to edit your CNAME record manually. Log into your GoDaddy account and locate and edit the existing CNAME record for your subdomain or create a new one.

  • In the Points to field, replace @ with the CNAME record that you copied from Autoklose. Click Save.

When you're finished updating your DNS records, wait for domain provisioning to complete. It may take up to 12h for the changes to propagate.

>> Namecheap

If you have moved your name servers to another host, after registering the domain with Namecheap, you will need to make the changes with that other host instead. If your nameservers are hosted with Namecheap, then you can go ahead and edit your DNS records

  • After logging into your Namecheap account, find the Host Records section of your Advanced DNS section.  

  • Click Add new record and select CNAME Record from the dropdown menu.

  • In the Host field for your new record, enter the prefix of the subdomain that you would like to connect to Autoklose. Then paste your CNAME record into the Target field and click the checkmark towards the right to save. 

When you're finished updating your DNS records, wait for domain provisioning to complete. It may take up to 12h for the changes to propagate.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat. 

Happy klosing! :)

Your autoklose.com team!

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