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Autoklose settings can be accessed by clicking on the initials at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  • Account settings /article/ - allows you to manage and customize your account.

  • Email settings /article/ - provides options to manage connections, connect sending accounts, and manage other options that affect campaign sending and email deliverability.

  • Communication /article/ - the option to subscribe or unsubscribe from Autoklose emails (notifications about campaign end, AB test winner, and weekly emails)

  • Billing /article/ - this shows your current subscription, information about slots, invoices, credits, and the cancellation option.

  • Sending Schedules /article/ - an option to create different schedules that can later be used in campaigns. Gives a way to create a campaign-specific sending pattern, set sending days and times, or even multiple time periods for sending within one day.

  • Do not email (DNE) domains /article/ - this allows you to add or remove whole domains to the Do not email list.

  • Unengaged /article/ - set the rule for when contacts should be added to the list of contacts without campaign activity (reply or click).

  • Contact fields /article/ - this allows you to manage default and custom-made fields.

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