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CC and BCC in Autoklose
CC and BCC in Autoklose
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CC (carbon copy) or BCC (blind carbon copy) are commonly used to easily present all sent emails to your supervisor, colleague or department. Also, sent emails can be synchronized to your CRM by adding your email address to the appropriate BCC/CC setting.

The main difference between CC and BCC is that in the first case, recipients will see who is getting a copy of the email, and for BCC, this is not the case (blind in the name).

BCC and CC can be added to 3 places inside Autoklose.

  1. BCC or CC settings at the campaign level can be found in Step 1 when creating or editing the campaign. It will be applied from the moment it’s added. This means BCC (CC) can be added even after the campaign has already started.

  2. There is an option to add BCC and CC at the campaign email level. Every email from the campaign can have a different BCC/CC - even A/B tests.

    It has an override switch, an option to remove all previous BCC/CCs, and use only the ones from the email level. If the email level is left blank and the override switch is activated, no BCC/CCs will be used for that email.

  3. Finally, BCC or CC settings for the whole account and all campaigns can be found inside Email settings.

If you need to add multiple email addresses to BCC or CC, just use the comma behind every email address, and add as many as you need.

It is really important to mention that BCC can have a significant impact on the Autoklose campaign statistics. Activity and engagement from the BCC'd or CC'd email address on any email sent in your campaign will impact the following statistics:

  • Opens

  • Clicks

  • Attachment downloads

  • Replies

  • Bounces (if the BCC or CC address is not valid)

  • CRM or other email addresses that are set to automatically open emails or click on links can trigger a 100% open or click rate.

If you are using a strategy like this, ask us about our Automate Actions to find a simpler solution for logging email engagement in your CRM.

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