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Unexpected open or click statistics
Unexpected open or click statistics

Multiple opens/clicks from the same recipient. 100% open/click rate.

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Autoklose tracks when your recipients open or click links in your emails (including those in your signature). Unfortunately, there are some scenarios in which this tracking isn't 100% accurate.

The open rate is low:

  • For an open to be tracked, your recipient's mail client must display images

  • In rare situations, spam filters can strip out opens tracking

  • If you're using a custom tracking domain (which we highly recommend, read more about it here: ), opens would not be logged if your DNS records weren't working correctly for a period of time

The click rate is low:

  • To properly set up a link, you must select the point or text in your email, expand the Editor toolbar, click the Link icon, and paste or type in your link.

  • If you're using a custom tracking domain, clicks would not be logged if your DNS records weren't working correctly for a period of time

You have unexpected opens:

  • Have you opened sent messages in your mail client? Open-tracking won't distinguish from you opening the email versus your recipients opening it. This can also happen if your Hubspot account is set as BCC email address. 

  • Have you or your recipient forwarded your email to another person? Each open triggers the tracking pixel and will be shown in your statistics. 

  • In some cases, mail clients that automatically preview or prefetch messages for display can trigger opens

  • Some aggressive spam filters may open images to check for malware

You have unexpected clicks:

  • Have you clicked links in your own sent messages? Similar to the open-tracking, your clicks won’t differ from your recipients clicking the link. 

  • Aggressive spam filters may automatically click links when looking for malware

  • In rare cases, mail clients may prefetch links to make email previewing faster

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