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Activity tracking in campaigns
Activity tracking in campaigns

Tracking of replies, opens, clicks and attachemnt downloads

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For most people who send emails using email automation tools, statistics is really important. Understandably, knowing how many recipients opened an email from the campaign can be a good indicator of how good that email is written or how interesting the product or topic is. The number of clicks can be a signal that recipients trust you enough and, of course, replies - positive or negative give useful insights when planning and creating new campaigns.

Inside Autoklose campaigns (Step 1), it is possible to track these activities:

  • Opened - a small invisible tracking pixel is embedded in each email sent from the Autoklose campaign, and it will register every opening of the email. This includes forwarded emails and persons initially added as CC or BCC in campaign or email settings.

  • Clicked - using the tracking domain set for the account, Autoklose will generate a tracking link for each link inside the campaign. That link is visible to recipients, so it is a recommendation that a custom tracking domain (CNAME) is created. This way, link tracking will be more relatable to Sender's email address or company domain and, in the end, increase the click rate.

  • Replied - for normal functioning of Autoklose, this activity tracking is a must. Autoklose can track all relevant replies (campaign replies, bounces, and unsubscribe requests via reply) when enabled.
    If the email account is connected using the Google or Microsoft connector (Gmail/Gsuite and Microsoft 365 email accounts) or Another provider with both IMAP and SMTP, reply tracking will be enabled by default. In case when using Another provider and only the SMTP part of the connection is connected, Reply tracking will be disabled for all new campaigns (and also turned OFF for all already existing ones).

    Reply tracking doesn't use the tracking domain. Accounts connected using the Google connection send push notifications through the API, Microsoft 365 (Office 365), and other accounts using the IMAP connection will be checked every five or more minutes for new messages in the Inbox folder. If necessary, Reading Interval can be adjusted in Email settings.

  • Attachment tracking - this is a cool one. Like Click tracking, Autoklose will generate a tracking link using the tracking domain setting and monitor if any uploaded attachments are downloaded. Plain and simple.
    Attachment tracking is by default turned off for all newly created campaigns.
    In case you want to see this part of the statistics, enabling the Attachment tracking is required.

It is important to note that Open, Click, and Attachment tracking uses Default or Custom TRACKING DOMAIN set in the team manager's Email settings.

Accurate activity tracking comes with a price, especially if using a default tracking given at the account creation. Since default tracking domains are used by more than one team inside Autoklose, it can be one of the causes of lower email deliverability. It is highly recommended to create a custom domain (CNAME record). More information about this topic can be found here.

If tracking some activities is not needed, disabling it in Campaign settings will be highly beneficial. Please note that this action can reduce the number of available conditions for Automated Actions or Decision tree campaigns. For example, if Open tracking is turned off, the "Email is opened" condition will no longer be available for automation.

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