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In case it is required to create exactly the same campaign as an already existing one, a "Duplicate campaign" feature can be of huge help. This option is available to both team managers and members and is the fastest way to create a copy of the campaign.
The "Duplicate campaign" option can be accessed via the main Campaign page Actions menu on the right side (3 dots).

A copy of the campaign is created after duplication action is confirmed in a separate window.
The name of the original campaign is preserved with the addition of "Copy of ... ".
All original campaign settings and emails are copied to a duplicate, while recipients are NOT transferred. Step 2 should be completed and recipients added separately from the duplication process.
All campaigns regardless of their current status can be duplicated. This includes Draft, Paused, Pending, In Progress, and Finished campaigns.

Of course, campaign settings and emails can be changed and adjusted after duplication like in any other standard campaign.

Team Manager can duplicate other team member's campaigns on their account.
On the Campaigns page and in Team Campaigns tab find any campaign, use the additional menu (3 dots on the right side) and click on the Duplicate button.

While each member can freely duplicate any owned campaign, only the team manager can duplicate campaigns from other members.

Please note that Duplicate campaign feature does not save the email sequence as a template. It just creates an exact copy of the campaign settings and email sequence. This article explains how to save sequences from existing campaigns as templates that can be later used by all members of the team.

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