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Bulk or mass update of existing contacts
Bulk or mass update of existing contacts

Update contacts and push changes to active campaigns

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Once contacts have been imported to Autoklose, all information can be changed, and new contacts/details added. Also, those changes can be "pushed" to the Active campaigns.
Contacts inside Autoklose can be edited from a single contact page, one by one. The process for it is described in this article. In most cases this is good enough, but what happens when there is a need to change a lot of contacts and information fields and make sure those changes are synced with campaigns?

The solution is to upload the file and map all required fields that you wish to change or add. Autoklose will overwrite all mapped fields, and thus update them. To make sure those changes are reflected in active campaigns (Draft, Pending, In progress, Paused), make sure to enable the "Update existing contacts info for all the existing campaigns" option on the mapping screen.

It is important to note that contacts in already Finished campaigns will not be updated and affected by these changes.

Our system checks the email address from the file with your Autoklose database, and if it already exists, all mapped fields will be overwritten and the existing contact updated. In case a completely new email address is used, a new contact will be created in your Autoklose database.

If there is a need to change the email address of the existing contact, that should be done from a single contact page.

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