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Managing more than 10,000 contacts
Managing more than 10,000 contacts

How to import to a campaign, delete, tag

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Once contacts are already inside your Autoklose account (via CSV and CRM integration), you can manage them per your needs and liking.
The actions like Add to Campaign, Delete Contacts, Apply a Tag, and Add or Remove from the Do Not Email list have been always limited by the number of selected and affected contacts. That limit was 10,000 contacts or campaign recipients.
From now it is possible to apply these actions to more than 10,000 contacts simultaneously.

For less than 10 000 selected contacts, everything is as usual:

  • Apply/Remove a tag - tags are being added in the background while new actions can be initiated.

  • Remove contacts - available only to the team managers. Contacts are being removed, and a message about the success of the process and the number of removed contacts is being displayed.

  • Add to Campaign - contacts are being added to a specific campaign, and a message about the success of the process and the number of added contacts is displayed.

  • Add/Remove from the Do Not Email list - contacts are being added/removed from the DNE, and a message about the success of the process and the number of affected contacts is displayed.

The main change is when we want to manage more than 10,000 contacts at once. In most cases, and especially for really large requests, the system needs a bit more time to process and finish initiated action. Notification is shown once the action is started, and progress can be tracked in the lower left corner.

After the Action is completed, an email notification is sent. Depending on the action, notification text can vary.

If an email notification shows that the process was unsuccessful or there were errors along the way, please contact the Autoklose support team via the chat option on the lower right or by email (

Please note that it is not possible to start another bulk or single action while the existing one is being processed. While the operation is being processed, all contact management actions will be blocked. As contact lists are shared between all team members, this means that if any team member starts a bulk action, other members will need to wait for it to finish before starting any new ones.

The process is exactly the same when managing contacts from the Contacts or Campaign Recipient page.
This major improvement should significantly ease up contact management for large lists.

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Your team!

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