HTML. Can I use HTML templates? Does Autoklose support HTML? HTML templates.

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While plain text emails may not be as flashy or attractive as HTML emails, HTML emails are proven more likely to end up in the spam folder and lower your deliverability.

Since Autoklose is all about sending personalized emails, we do not support extensive use of HTML or HTML email templates. 

What we think is successful with Autoklose when it comes to our Users' deliverability is the fact that our editor is designed for pure text and we have no HTML templates. That way emails look very personal and appear to be “warm email” instead of the usual “cold emails” because it’s not too flashy. 

However, you may want to send HTML emails and include some branding elements that make your emails more memorable. You can do that, just follow these rules:

  • Do not use a lot of images, also avoid using one big image, and never send image-only emails with no text.

  • Optimize your images for email by compressing them first. Don’t use super high-resolution images or other media with a large file size.

  • Keep your HTML code as simple and clean as possible.

  • Stick with fonts that work across platforms, like Arial, Verdana, Georgia and Times New Roman.

Here's an example how to wrap and paste your text in campaign editor so that you can change font size and font style:

<span style="color: rgb(45, 194, 107); font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde'; font-size: 14pt;">Your text here</span>

Please note that since our editor isn’t designed for HTML, after pasting the code you will see striped code only:

You will be able to see the actual email that will go out when you click on the Preview button:

You can do more variations with our custom fileds or tokens.

Follow the steps from this article to find out more.

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Your team!

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