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How many campaigns can I create?
How many campaigns can I create?

Campaign limitation, sending limits.

Written by Bergen Wilde
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There is no limit regarding the number of campaigns that you can create. 

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Mind you, there is a sending limit per email account that applies to all your active campaigns, i.e. all your active campaigns share the sending limit, and is not managed by Autoklose.

You can set the sending limit for each campaign that you're starting on the first step of the Campaign creation process, just keep in mind that the number can not exceed the sending speed you have inside your account, it has to be less than or equal to your account sending limit. 

Autoklose emails are sent out of your Gmail account or Office 365 account or a third-party account and contribute to sending limits set by Google and Microsoft (or that of a third party).  If you exceed these limits, you may be temporarily locked out of your email account. Autoklose has created a limit to make it a little harder to lock yourself out of your email account and it's called Sending Speed. You can edit it here, under the Sending email speed box.

You can read more about Gmail sending limits here.  Depending on the type of Gmail account you have, your daily send limits may vary between 350 emails to 2,000 emails per day. That involves your regular emails and automated campaigns. Unfortunately, Autoklose does not know the specific daily sending limit for your account as that is determined by Google and the information is not provided to us.

You can read about Office 365 recipient limits here.

FYI: We recommend that you don't send more than 150 automated emails per day per user, because 2 in 10 accounts might be flagged as spam by Google.

As a measure of precaution, you should find out the email sending limit of your email provider and make sure not to exceed that number of emails.   

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat. 

Happy klosing! :)

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