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Managing multiple Microsoft 365 emails from a single Autoklose account
Managing multiple Microsoft 365 emails from a single Autoklose account

Issues when trying to connect another Microsoft (Office) 365 email account.

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In case you already have one Microsoft account connected to Autoklose, and would like to connect more, you might experience an issue where at first glance, nothing happens. So, you did everything according to the Connect Microsoft article, and still nothing.
Most frequently, the issue is simple. Only one email account is currently logged in to Microsoft 365 using the current browser.

The solution is to navigate to Microsoft login page

  • If this leads you to the Microsoft Login page, simply click on the "Use another account" button, and enter login credentials for a new email account. Please note that in case the account has multi-factor verification active, it will be necessary to confirm and allow login using either email, phone, or the authenticator app (check out this article from the Microsoft knowledge base).

  • If the link leads directly to an active account session, click on your initials at the top right corner, and choose an option to "Sign in with a different account."

Once an additional account is connected, go back to Autoklose, navigate to Email settings, click "Connect Email," and choose "Connect Microsoft." This time around, there should be at least two available accounts to choose from.

If the previous solution doesn't work for you, there is another workaround: switch to the Incognito/Private browsing mode on the browser currently in use or try and reconnect with an internet browser that hasn't yet been used for logging in to Microsoft 365.

Common shortcuts for private browsing are:
Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS: Press Ctrl + Shift + n

Mac: Press โŒ˜ + Shift + n

Once in this new browser or Incognito/Private browsing, Login to Autoklose, navigate to Email settings, and attempt to reconnect once more. Since a fresh web session will be used this time, there should not be accounts to choose from. Simply sign in with the desired account, and that's the one that will be connected.
You can now freely leave the Incognito mode or go back to your preferred internet browser and continue working inside Autoklose.

Please note that if Microsoft SSO (Single Sign-On) is being used for logging in to Autoklose, it can create issues with this workaround. It would be necessary to deactivate the currently active Microsoft SSO. To do so, navigate to Autoklose Account settings, and under "Single Sign-On Connections" hit the Change SSO button and Disconnect Microsoft.

Once done, log in to your Autoklose account via Incognito/Private browsing or a different Internet browser using your email address and Autoklose password. When you log in, continue per previous instructions.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Happy klosing! :)

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