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Connect email account provided by Rackspace

Rackspace email provider IMAP/SMTP connection

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Autoklose can connect and send emails from any email account provided as long as you have SMTP access enabled (which most accounts do). It is the same for the Rackspace email provider.
In order to allow Autoklose to connect to your Rackspace email account, please follow the steps:

  • Log into Autoklose with your account

  • Click on Your Name at the top right and click on Settings

  • Click on the Email tab

  • Click on the Connect email account button

  • Click on Connect Another Email

  • Fill out your E-mail address (or username) and your password for your email account.

  • If you have two-factor (or multifactor) authentication you need to enter 16 digit password instead of your email account password

  • The most common IMAP/SMTP configuration for Rackspace is:

    Incoming port = 993
    Encryption = SSL


    Outgoing port = 465
    Encryption = SSL

Important note: Rackspace provider usually requires special permission and server for any type of email automation, Autoklose included. For that reason, it is highly recommended to reach out to the Rackspace support team and find out more.

The following articles from the Rackspace knowledge base can be useful:
Rackspace Postmaster Email limit
General Limitations

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Happy klosing! :)

Your team!

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