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Increase daily sending speed in a more safer manner

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The Email Ramp-Up feature is useful when email account is ready and set for sending but has never been used to send a larger number of emails.
Email Ramp-up can be used to achieve a higher daily sending speed, send more emails, and do so in a safe way. Once the feature is set, sending will be done per a Ramp-up plan.

Please note that Email Ramp-up is not the same as Warm-up. For brand new domains or email accounts, it is recommended to finish up the warm-up process before moving forward with ramp-up. Find out how to warm up your domain here, and email account in this article.

Here is how to activate and set Email Ramp-up:

  • Login to Autoklose account

  • Click on initials in the upper right corner and hit Settings

  • Click on the Email tab

  • Click the Manage button for the email connection that requires Ramp-up

  • Use the Change button for the Email Ramp-up feature.

  • Enable the option and set the number or goal that should be achieved using the Email Ramp-up and the number of emails that are currently sent from that email account.

  • The Email Ramp-up plan is presented and will be active once the Save Changes button is clicked on.

The email sending volume you want to reach using the Ramp-up can not be higher than the number set as the EMAIL SENDING SPEED for the email account. Should this happen, the field will be highlighted and a warning presented.

Email Ramp-up can last from 20 to 60 days, where DAY in the plan presents 24 hours.
For lower goals, plan will require fewer days to complete, while higher goals need more days for a safe sending speed ramp-up. If the process requires more than 20 days, all days of the plan can be viewed using the navigation arrows in the preview:

The plan is dynamic and will change accordingly to values set in the feature condition fields. A day goal requires a predefined number of emails (from the plan) sent during the 24 hours period. If there are not enough emails sent during the day, the email account will remain in the DAY x phase of the Ramp-up and will be able to send only number of emails planned for that DAY GOAL. The progress to another Ramp-up goal is achieved only when all required emails for the day are sent out. If there aren't enough recipients and emails scheduled for sending, Email Ramp-up will remain in the current DAY goal phase, and the only way to progress is to create more campaign/s or add more recipients to already existing ones. A day goal is not cumulative, and will not add up emails sent the previous day.

Email Ramp-up has higher priority over the account or campaign sending speed. If the sending speed is, for example set to 500 emails per day, and the Ramp-up plan is in phase where only 6 emails should be sent to progress to the next day, only 6 emails will be sent from that email account.

Progress of Email Ramp-up can be seen in Email settings for the connection and in Email Ramp-up field.

In case our system detects too many bounces for an email account that use Email Ramp-up, it will send an email notification and all campaigns that use that email account will be Paused. In this case, the goal value is most likely too high and should be lowered. It is recommended to pause all sending from email account for 24 hours to let it recover and reach out to email provider support to make sure there are no additional issues or steps needed for full account recovery.

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