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The idea behind the Agency account is to allow you to manage multiple clients’ accounts from one super-admin account.

The Agency owner, admin, and manager must have a unique email address for login. 

These users won’t take slots but at the same time won’t be able to send emails from their accounts. 

The Owner and Admin of an Agency account have the same overview - both can see subscription, add or remove the number of slots, invite managers, add clients/users within the clients' team, and log in as each user. 

The Manager has an overview of their account only - they can add or remove clients/users within their account and log in as each member of their team(s), and can’t see the other managers inside the Agency panel. 

The same goes for client users. The manager and members of each team can only share data within their team, and except the Manager, no one has the ability to see the rest of the teams within the client’s account.

The Manager chooses which User gets a Data-Unlimited package when they create Teams and add users.

When creating a team, if you choose the maximum number of users a team will have, all the User slots will be filled no matter if there is a physical user or not.

Once the Agency deal is created, the Owner of the agency will be created automatically and they can proceed and invite the Admin of the agency. 

In the Admins panel, you can invite a new admin by clicking the +Invite button, edit existing admins, or disable an Admin. 

After the Owner and Admin have been created, the next step is to invite the Manager. 

After the Mangers are added they need to confirm the invitation and afterward, they can create a clients and invite users - the number of users depends on the number of slots that are assigned to that team. 

All Managers can be seen under the Managers tab and from there you can add clients. 

Click on the three dots next to the Manager and choose Clients.

A new tab will pop up where you can add Client/User by clicking on the  + add Client/User button, edit, or remove an existing team.

While you’re creating the team, you should also create the manager of the team, and that user will be activated automatically.

The procedure for adding a team member is the same as for adding clients, only this time instead of the clients choose the user option 

The manager and team members should also connect their sending email account or the Owner/Admin/Manager can do that for them if they have access to that email account. 

To log in as one of the users, go to Clients, select User, click on the three dots next to the name, and the option to log in as this user will appear.
From there you have the full control of all users’ accounts, you can create campaigns, import contacts, create and save templates, and much more. 

Please note: Once you logged in as a user, you have to log out using the button on the blue banner across the page, and only afterward will you be able to log in as a different user. 

If you want to see the overall campaign performance for all clients, teams, and users, go to the Reports tab on the left side. You can also use one of the filters to filter the campaign by team member, client, campaign status, or the date range.
The option to export the results will be at your disposal on this screen too. 

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Your team!

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