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How does Autoklose count days between follow- ups?

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Setting up intervals between two emails can be confusing if you are new to using an email automation tool. 

Here’s how Autoklose counts delay between two steps in sequence:

A step delay count begins X days after the last email was sent to the recipient. If your step delay is 3 days, Autoklose will begin sending emails 3 days after the recipient receives the previous email from the sequence, if it coincides with your sequence schedule.

One-day delay represents 24 hours since the previous email. This means that in case an email to the recipient was sent at 4 PM today, with a one-day delay, the next email can not be sent before 4 PM tomorrow, even if the sending time for the campaign is set to 9 AM - 5 PM for example.

Please note that each email delay is based on the previous email sent, not on the first email from the sequence. Weekends are included in the day count, but unless you marked Saturday and Sunday for sending, the system won’t send on those days, i.e., in that case, the system will wait for the first available business day for sending. 

A simple example is sending on Friday with one day delay, where Saturday and Sunday are not available for sending. The campaign will count a day from the previous email, but since Saturday and Sunday are not available, the next email will be sent on Monday.

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