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Sending quota exceeded
Sending quota exceeded

You have reached a limit for sending email. Your message was not sent.

Written by Bergen Wilde
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If you receive the following bounce message when your campaign being sent:

This means that you exceeded your sending limit with your Google account (150 for Gmail accounts, 1,000 for G Suite accounts if sending from web client). Google has all sorts of limits for email sending - you can read more about it here: "Google sending limits"

Google will temporarily disable your account if it suspects any unusual activity on your account.

  1. You exceeded your allowed daily sending limit

  2. Sending too many emails with a new Gmail or G Suite account - Google carefully monitors usage on your account, specifically when it is a new one. Make sure to 'warm' up your account before sending a lot of emails. You can start sending a few emails first - up to 10 emails daily.

  3. Sending a large number of undeliverable messages - a high bounce rate can hurt your email account (A bounce refers to a situation where your email is rejected by your recipient's email server.)

  4. A recipient is getting too many emails from you/ sending too many emails to the same email domain

  5. You exceeded the limit of 10 emails being marked as spam - more than 10 recipients in your target list marked your email as spam/ more than 10 emails fell into your recipients' spam folder (without even reaching your recipients' inbox)

If Google already blocked your account: 

  1. If your account is already blocked it takes 24 hours for things to cool down, so please pause your campaigns for a day or your account will be blocked permanently, and don’t forget to lower your daily sending limit . 

  2. If you are not sure what the exact reason for Google to block your account is, please contact Google support and ask them directly. 

  3. If you are a G Suite admin, you can unblock your account up to 5 times per year. Find more information here 'Restore a suspended Gmail account'

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

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