Autoklose currently does not have a formal A/B test feature. 

But let's be creative here as A/B testing is crucial for the success of your sales email efforts. 

You can, for example, start two identical campaigns with different subject lines, CTAs (Call-to-Action), or copy. After they’re finished, compare the numbers in reports and see which one performed better.

To see the numbers and analytics: 

  • Log into your Autoklose account.
  • Click on the “Campaigns” button on the left. 
  • You can find the metrics for each campaign under the “Lead number” and “Opened/Replied” tabs in the main window.

3 Important Rules To Remember When Split Testing Emails:

1. What one thing am I testing?

It’s best to test just one thing at a time to understand the real impact.

2. Do I have enough data to know the result is meaningful?

You want to make sure your results are as close to "statistically significant" as possible.
Aim for a minimum of 100 emails, 50 get A version, 50 get B version.

3. What is the measure of success?

You have three options that we measure for in Autoklose:
A. Open Rate:
Which email variation was opened by the most people?
B. Reply Rate:
Which email variation did more people reply to?
C. Click-Through Rate:
Which email variation was more effective at getting people to click?

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat. 

Happy klosing! :)

Your team!

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